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My Weekly Spock — Some More Seventies Stills

Even though Trek was over by 1969, Nimoy’s popularity was soaring  from its syndication and exposure in Mission Impossible.  A shame Baffled didn’t get farther that a pilot, that would have been a fun show.  But Nimoy’s credits notwithstanding, he was and is  always Number 1 with his fans.


Soaking wet in ‘Baffled’



1972 florida

“I had to get my picture with Leonard Nimoy, even if I disturb his dessert!”

1972 yankee shipper hotel

The girl in the center is totally “I want some of that!” The lady on the right is “Hands off my daughter” They guy in the back is “What’s he got that I ain’t got?”

FArFri – A Gallery of Nimoy/Spocks from Tafafa!

Hey Kids!

As you seen in previous FArFri , I’ve posted the work of artist Tafafa and her gorgeous renderings of Leonard Nimoy as himself and other characters.  Tafafa has admitted on her DeviantArt page that she’s totally fascinated with  Nimoy’s features, and aren’t we lucky that she captures him so beautifully?  As a Birthday Week Special, I’m posting a bunch of her Nimoy studies– from kid to Senior — Prepare to be blown away.  Enjoy!


Young Leonard seems to be channeling Alfred E. Neuman here!



Ah, Youth!


They Dynamic Duo — You’ve got to check out all her stuff!


This is remarkable not just for its intimacy, but for the way it portrays the pain of Pon Farr.


I love this one – it really captures his personality.


Young and Old!


Just too adorable!


With the wisdom of his years — his eyes look a little teary here. Stunning.


HAPPY 83rd BIRTHDAY, LEONARD NIMOY! (A Special TreKomic just for you!)

Well, Kids, it took a little longer than expected, but I’m still 20 minutes inside March 26th!

Happy 83rd Birthday Leonard!!!!

Your life so far has been amazing, and we fans are so thankful for the joy, excitement, and inspiration you have blessed us with all these years! Hope this Birthday was the best ever for you yet, and that you may continue to Live Long and Prosper!  We Love you’  “Grandpa”!   Peace and Long Life to You! Love, Therese and all of my readers here at Trekker Scrapbook!

By the way,  I think McCoy is gonna pay for this:   Enjoy! Lights Out

It’s Leonard’s Birthday!

Hey Kids — I haven’t forgotten what today is–Leonard is 83!   In fact, I’ve been working on a TreKomic for much of today, but it’s so BIG I’m going to have to re-size it!  Thanks for your patience and I hope to have it up before today is through!  Here’s a nice pic of our favorite fellah for now in his tender teenage years! Happy Birthday Sir!



My Weekly Spock –“Sea Hunt” in his Birthday Suit (sort of)

Hey Kids,

Since this is Leonard Nimoy Birthday Week, I couldn’t think of a better way to start off than having Mr. Nimoy in his birthday suit…well, half of it!

Nimoy did eight episodes of the Lloyd Bridges series Sea Hunt.  Here’s screencaps from one of his most au natural appearances The Shipwreck (1958) Nimoy plays Vince, a newlywed trapped with his whiny wife, an old man, and Mike Nelson (Bridges) in a life raft without paddles for nearly a week at sea.  It gets pretty desperate, and Vince is a bit of a dope, but he has incredibly great hair blowing in the sea breeze, and lots of hairy chest goodness..


The rescue gets off to a good start as Vincent tears out of his wet shirt


Well, he won that wet tee contest…


He has…


amazingly floppy


HAIR, here.


Eek, ribcage!


Did I mention the hair?




“Look, there’s land!”


“Ah, we couldn’t reach it!”


You’ll just have to endure my chest hair…








I’m Hungry!


I’m too sexy for my shirt…


Too sexy for my shirt…


So sexy it hurts…


Did I mention the hair…


My wife’s mad at me for losing the fishing rod… and won’t let me touch her…


But Mike can’t resist me anymore!


I keep them happy with my Dracula impression…


I still have the best hair here…


Could I PLEASE have some Chapstick?


She forgave me when she remembered she couldn’t live without my chest hair…


Happy Belated Birthday, Bill! (Bill Shatner 83 on 3/22)

Our fellow scrapper Corylea gently pointed out to me that last Saturday was Bill Shatner’s Birthday!   I knew this somewhere in the back of my brain, but I’ve been very busy lately with work and projects.  So without further adieu, Happy Belated 83rd Birthday to our sweet Captain Charming!  Love ya, Bill! 83 bill bday

(I’ll get your weekly dose of Spock up later today 🙂 )

FArFri – ‘Disguise’ Series by Ayumi Lemura

This is a marvelous series of Fan Art  is by artist Ayumi Lemura on Deviant Art.  Kind of like what the whole main crew of the Enterprise in  Assignment: Earth again, but this time in the 21st Century!  Heck, I want to see this episode! Each character’s ‘cover’ works so well with their personalities.  Great Job! 

Camouflage_by_ayumi_lemura Disguise___McCoy_by_ayumi_lemura Disguise___Scotty_and_Uhura_by_ayumi_lemura Disguise___Sulu_and_Chekov_by_ayumi_lemura

Today’s Toon “Flipside”

It’s time for Uhura to sue the quartermaster… 

FlipsideIn case you’re wondering, this is an actual still from Star Trek! (From Balance of Terror) I only adjusted Kirk’s side of the picture to have him looking to his right!  I bet Nichelle hated that uniform!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Re-posting this from 2012 — Have a Lucky Day!

St Patrick 2012


My Weekly Spock – Nimoy the Director

For this weeks fix, here’s Leonard in one of his other favorite professions: Directing! Seen here directing Star Trek III, Star Trek IVThree Men and a Baby and Funny About Love (with Gene Wilder).  The lesson in all this? Always do what you love! 

nimoy_directs_tsfs ST_III_nimoy_nichols_1 ST_III_nimoy_nichols_2 tumblr_lbw8ia30dF1qac0gj tumblr_lci1k3q1tg1qbkiiu tumblr_lcvy3nVa2Z1qac0gj tumblr_n03grlCUQT1qmtfp8o5_1280B212 Leonard-Nimoy-Tom-Selleck-Steve-Guttenberg-Three-Men-and-a-Babypicture-of-leonard-nimoy-in-funny-about-love-1990--large-picturepicture-of-leonard-nimoy-and-gene-wilder-in-funny-about-love-large-picture-william-shatner-839308453