Remembering Leonard Nimoy on his birthday with fan art. (pictures)

Remembering Leonard on his birthday is always a little sad, but it gives a moment to remember his incredible life and just what a fine person he was. This year, I thought I’d honor his memory with some of the wonderful fan art that’s been produced over the years.  A happy heavenly 87th birthday Mr. Nimoy; you inspired many works of love <3


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FArFri: Celebrating 50 Artists, 50 years of Star Trek

bkax93kveedubytaa4muHere’s a great piece created by artist Joshua Budich.  It’s part of an upcoming exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, titled Star Trek 50 Artists, 50 Years  Surprisingly, Spock has the biggest head in the picture (instead of Kirk), and you don’t even see his ears!  This works for me! I feel Spock was Star Trek, or at least a good portion of what if was all about.

This  exhibit features artists from around the world and will be displayed (so far) in Canada, California, Las Vegas the United Kingdom. (Usually as part of conventions)  You can see more info here. is  revealing the pieces bit by bit on their site (what a tease!) You can see more here

FArF: Some McCoy Art

Since it was recently the heavenly birthday of DeForest Kelley I thought I’d find some fan art of our favorite doctor, and the artists didn’t disappoint!  We have everything from animated gifs to embroidery to plushies! I especially love “Joanna” with it’s artist’s depiction of civillian McCoy with his daughter.  I imagine that is exactly what she would have looked like!  Enjoy!


‘Look, It’s Science, or Whatever’ by mbcoolness


“Octuplets” by mbcoolness


“McCoy” by SSava


“Now He’s an Engineer” by Black Lupin

'Star Trek Bones plushie' by gurulazer

‘Star Trek Bones plushie’ by gurulazer


Joanna McCoy by hapticmimesis















FArFri: Trek Through The Eyes of Cartoonists.

Occasionally we have seen Trek in various forms through satirist cartoon — here are a few funnies I found this week. Bloom County was a wonderful comic that I miss dearly,  ‘Far Side’ was pure genius, and This Modern World (by Tom Tomorrow) ties Trek into its deliciously acerbic political parodies. (it totally nails the modern obsession with all things I-Phone)  Glenn and Gary McCoy have  The Far Side  style cartoon of The Flying McCoys.  (Makes sense!) Even Donald Duck gets into the action here  but I have no idea where it came from) Enjoy! (Disney better not buy Trek too!)

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21 Questions I’d Ask Leonard Nimoy (with only 3 about Star Trek…)

returntotomorrowhd0560Now don’t get excited — Alas, this is not an interview with Leonard Nimoy, but if I were ever lucky enough to interview him, this is what I’d ask.  Some are philosophical, some are totally fan girl…Who knows, maybe he’ll read this and send me a reply!   😉  Get out your pencil, Sir!

  1. How are you?  Hope you’re doing well!
  2. I know you’ve re mostly retired from acting, but are you still interested in doing voice work or books on disc?
  3. You’ve always been politically active and civic minded.  If you could run for office, what would be your proposals?
  4. Who’s your favorite author and what’s the latest book you’ve read?
  5. We know you have a Twitter account, but are you much into the latest technology or could you take it or leave it?
  6. You’ve met and known many people in your life, from JFK to Jimi Hendrix.  Can you recall any  favorite encounters (famous or fan) that really blew you away?
  7. When you look at how the world has changed in your lifetime, what is the one invention that you never expected in your lifetime, and how did it affect you?
  8. What advice can you give an amateur photographer like me?
  9. You did many stage productions in the 70’s, what was your favorite?
  10. Do you have a bucket list?
  11. You wrote, produced, and and  performed the marvelous Vincent; –Do you think that creativity and sanity are linked?  That is, is there really is a fine line between sanity and genius and/or that creativity that nurtures and protects our sanity?
  12. Do you still play guitar?
  13. We’ve always heard about how teenagers created the youth culture the 1950’s with their rebellious music and style, but you were a teenager in the 1940’s — what was life like for your age group then? Were you all just mini-adults expected to act like your elders, or were you rebellious too?
  14. Any chance that Baffled can be rebooted? I think it would have made an excellent mystery/suspense series. (And I think Jon Hamm would make an excellent Tom Kovack)
  15. What was your favorite guest appearance in a TV series?
  16. What’s your philosophy for a life well lived?
  17. Just a few Star Trek questions that I hope are unique.    I don’t know if you’ve seen a lot a fan art, but a lot of it is just saturated with “Spirk” a.k.a.”slash” art which features Kirk and Spock in, well, let’s just say compromising situations.  Personally, I don’t care for it, but what is your take on this trend?
  18. Speaking of romance, I’ve heard that Gene Roddenberry wanted Spock to end up with Nurse Chapel. But which of these women do you think Spock would marry –Nurse Chapel, Uhura, Leila, The Romulan Commander, Droxine, or Zarabeth? (T’Pring doesn’t count because she got Stonn)
  19. At what moment did you realize that Spock was a cultural icon, and does a day ever go by when you don’t have to think about Spock, Trek, and the whole franchise? (I truly hope so)
  20. Do you still have that marvelous blue denim patchwork suit you wore on The Mike Douglas Show back in 1972?  It was so cool!
  21. How would you like to be remembered?
  22. May I be one of your many honoraries? (I’m @ same age as your two)   🙂