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Remembering Leonard Nimoy on his birthday with fan art. (pictures)

Remembering Leonard on his birthday is always a little sad, but it gives a moment to remember his incredible life and just what a fine person he was. This year, I thought I’d honor his memory with some of the wonderful fan art that’s been produced over the years.  A happy heavenly 87th birthday Mr. Nimoy; you inspired many works of love ❤


sprocket01_pre01small_by_missterkelsen-d7g8eua.pngDoug Lout 0128765258_944782639032429_8775066803652001792_n1425286895-11425287443-11425287443-0

FArFri: Celebrating 50 Artists, 50 years of Star Trek

bkax93kveedubytaa4muHere’s a great piece created by artist Joshua Budich.  It’s part of an upcoming exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, titled Star Trek 50 Artists, 50 Years  Surprisingly, Spock has the biggest head in the picture (instead of Kirk), and you don’t even see his ears!  This works for me! I feel Spock was Star Trek, or at least a good portion of what if was all about.

This  exhibit features artists from around the world and will be displayed (so far) in Canada, California, Las Vegas the United Kingdom. (Usually as part of conventions)  You can see more info here.

startrek.com is  revealing the pieces bit by bit on their site (what a tease!) You can see more here

FArFri: Women of Star Trek by Jason Potratz

Sorry I’m a little late this week — for this week’s Fan Art, here’s three lovely representations of  Nurse Chapel, Lt. Uhura, and Yeoman Rand by artist Jason Potratz.  Nice to see Yeoman Rand, who isn’t often seen in Fan Art, and I also like Uhura’s expression; as if she’s really about to give someone what for!

woman_of_star_trek___n__chapel_by_melanarus-d2y5scx woman_of_star_trek___uhura_by_melanarus-d2y5tnp woman_of_star_trek_janice_rand_by_melanarus-d2y5t7l

FArF: Some McCoy Art

Since it was recently the heavenly birthday of DeForest Kelley I thought I’d find some fan art of our favorite doctor, and the artists didn’t disappoint!  We have everything from animated gifs to embroidery to plushies! I especially love “Joanna” with it’s artist’s depiction of civillian McCoy with his daughter.  I imagine that is exactly what she would have looked like!  Enjoy!


‘Look, It’s Science, or Whatever’ by mbcoolness


“Octuplets” by mbcoolness


“McCoy” by SSava


“Now He’s an Engineer” by Black Lupin

'Star Trek Bones plushie' by gurulazer

‘Star Trek Bones plushie’ by gurulazer


Joanna McCoy by hapticmimesis















FArFri: Trek Through The Eyes of Cartoonists.

Occasionally we have seen Trek in various forms through satirist cartoon — here are a few funnies I found this week. Bloom County was a wonderful comic that I miss dearly,  ‘Far Side’ was pure genius, and This Modern World (by Tom Tomorrow) ties Trek into its deliciously acerbic political parodies. (it totally nails the modern obsession with all things I-Phone)  Glenn and Gary McCoy have  The Far Side  style cartoon of The Flying McCoys.  (Makes sense!) Even Donald Duck gets into the action here  but I have no idea where it came from) Enjoy! (Disney better not buy Trek too!)

11146558_1121230187891878_5055861424750841433_n158355911a8d2bc5fb1aad4de51e0dd91503916_1047217418626489_54557006996723563_n 10171747_1026334617381436_3000202195185012139_n 1743591_808030525878514_1505534488_n10644910_951949461486619_6591757579602597876_n

FArFri: Spock by Jonathan A. Reincke

Here’s a beautiful watercolor of Spock by Jonathan A. Reincke  on Deviant Art.  I love the splatter of paint around the edges.


FArFri: More Classic TOS Portraits (Kirk,Spock, McCoy) by Jason Cheeseman Mayer

Here’s the rest of the current TOS portraits by Jason Cheeseman Mayer .   I love the poses he chose and especially McCoy’s eyes!  I hope he does Chapel, Rand, Scotty, and Chekov!

kirk_by_jasoncm-d81fdce spock_by_jasoncm-d81fdcsmccoy_by_jasoncm-d81fdcm