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Leonard Remembers Boston – VIDEO

This is a really wonderful interview with Leonard Nimoy talking about growing up in the West End of Boston.  ❤  I especially like when he describes losing his accent and getting Sea Hunt work from Lloyd Bridges, and when he discusses how he identified with Spock.    From 2014.


Wideo Wednesday – Great Nimoy Interview from 2014

One of my favorite interviews ever, Leonard Nimoy talks with Geoff Boucher  of  the site  Hero Complex.   He talks of photography, directing, and meeting Jimi Hendrix!

Nimoy Interview in Films In Review (1984)

A good friend of mine gave me some of her old Films in Review magazines and to my delight, I found this interview with Leonard Nimoy in one of the issues!  He discusses directing Star Trek III and almost gives away the ending!   Alas, the only picture they use her is Nimoy in 1/4 profile, but it’s a good interview and insight into an early directing experience for the actor.  (btw, Films in Review actually blasted the movie in the August ’84 edition,review STIII August 84 (see here)  but at least they gave Nimoy a chance to talk nicely about it in the November issue.



Video– Julie Nimoy Carries on for Dad — Beautiful Video of Father and Daughter

This was the exclusive interview that Julie Nimoy gave  about her Dad Leonard Nimoy– she will carry out a project about COPD that she promised her Dad. ❤



Celeste Yarnall Update — Let’s Make This Happen NOW!!


Hey Kids,

As you may recall from my last update, I issued a challenge to all of you to raise $1,500 for Celeste’s cancer fund, and if we achieved this goal we’d get an Exclusive Interview with Celeste here.   Alas, so far I’ve only seen one donation (aside from my own) that has the words ‘trekerscrapbook’ on it, and suffice to say. we’re nowhere near the $1500 goal*.  But we can change this.

Did you know that between the “likes” on Facebook for this blog, and my subscribers, Trekker Scrapbook is 1,145 members strong? I challenge 100 of my followers to donate just $15.00 each TODAY —  Donating is easy- just be sure to add the words “Trekker Scrapbook” when you add a comment to your donation here.  (This is how I tally the donations).  If you can’t send $15.00, send $10 or even $5– every bit will help!  I know reaching this goal will make Celeste very happy, please contribute as soon as you can!


Cancer bills are almost as detrimental as cancer itself as you can see in this article.  Please help Celeste ease her burden.  Thank You, and wishing you all good health,  LLAP, Therese

(And enjoy the new comic, Celeste! ❤ ❤ ❤ )

*btw, the $1500 goal was my idea, not Celeste’s!

Wideo Wednesday: A Very Rare Interview with Leonard in 1967, KGW-TV.

IMG_3220 copy

Still from Nimoy’s 1967 interview with KGW-TV

Prepare for a treat:  This is an extremely rare and long-thought lost interview with Leonard Nimoy in 1967 for Portland,Oregon station KGW-TV news.  Leonard talks about being Mr. Spock, and the interviewer must be entranced because she asks him questions as if the Enterprise and Spock are real!   (She likes his hair too!)

Kudos to reader John Webb for alerting me to this!


Wideo Wednesday – Full Interview- Nimoy on Piers Morgan

Hey Kids, here’s Mr. Nimoy on Piers Morgan — and Morgan can’t hide his geeky side!