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My Weekly Spock: Blooper Fun!

I only wish there were more! Blooper and on set silliness on the Trek set… In the last shot, Nimoy looks surprising a lot like Quinto!

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FArFri: ‘Fierce and Loyal’ by Stumpaa

For this week’s Fan Art, here’s an astonishing portrait of Spock by artist Stumpaa.  He is truly fierce and loyal. No doubt inspired by Patterns of Force.


Wideo Wednesday – Spock & McCoy Banter and Friendship Part I

The group geso101’s channel on YouTube put together this wonderful compilation of Spock/McCoy moments! Not only does it show what was really a ‘bromance’ between these two opposites, it also reminds one of the excellent writing in the series!  Love these two.  Looking forward to ‘Part II’, and I’ll post it here when it arrives.

By the way, I’m working on a Trek compilation of my own!  Hope to have it up next week, stay tuned.  🙂

My Weekly Spock: Some Archival Goodness…

I found some great archival stuff for this week: First, what appears to be a collection of some Trek/Nimoy goodness from a teenager’s bedroom wall in 1967, then a detail of the movie magazine article “My Other Life” below. (Don’t you love the first person narrative there? No doubt written by someone else!)   I don’t know it there’s more to that article, but if I find more, you’ll see it here.  I love finding Nimoy stuff in old teen magazines.  You’ll also note there’s some badly colorized pictures here from the Trek set (T’Pring in Red!)  Enjoy!  il_570xN.448926119_g008 887d49c2a79df9a8057588de438aec75

FArFri – Enterprise Crew in Letters & Quotes by Mel Viera

This week’s fan art is a clever rendering the Enterprise crew in simple lines and alphabet letters! (Note how the characters are made up from letters in their names) The works are by artist Mel Viera a.k.a. Cego Cohler on Deviant  Art.  I love the quotes!  (And even though Kirk’s line is from one of the movies, it’s one of my favorites  🙂



Keep Calm and…

Found this on Facebook- it’s only logical!


Toon Tuesday: Elaan

She’s magnificent! Elaan Motivational