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Just a section posting photos of people, places, and things I’ve always loved. See if you like what I like too.

I Got Me A Tumbr Account

If anyone’s interested, I started a tumblr account the other week.  It’s a great place to display pictures of all sorts of things that one likes. My page is called ‘Tess’s Tresses”.   You’ll see all my StarTreKomics there for one thing, and lots of other stuff like Beatles and pretty flowers.   Nothing creepy, just a happy place.  Enjoy, and here’s the picture I modified for my home page.  (colorized Gibson Girls).  Be sure to press the archive button to see a map of everything I’ve posted!

The original and my modification

Pepe LePew

Pepe was definitely one of of my favorite Looney Tunes ever.  Oh! The Romance!

New Category: My Favorite Things

I decided to make up this category today just to have a place to look at or acknowledge things I’ve always loved; Persons, Places, Things.   My interests go far beyond Star Trek and Mr. Nimoy.  Enjoy the variety.  -Therese.