The Daily Scrapbook: The Star Trek Newspaper Comic Part I

Hey Kids,

As I start this week, I’m aware I’m getting dangerously close to the end of the third volume of my old Star Trek scrapbooks– in fact the items I post this week will be the last of Volume III!  Now I know that Volume VI is somewhere in this house, but I’ll have to keep looking!  Now don’t panic, kids, even when my Trek scrapbooks have run out, I’m sure I’ll find more fun stuff to post!  In the meantime, Here’s today’s flashback:

When Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released, Gannett Newspapers added a daily comic strip based on the movie in our local paper (The Evening Press) I’ve made reference to these comics before, and now I can share them with you.  (It actually wasn’t too bad!) I started to collect them, and before you knew it, I had collected  a whole adventure (well, give or take a few panels).   Unfortunately, we did not get the Sunday color comic, but I happened to find the opening Sunday Comic of this adventure online.   So here begins Star Trek: The Newspaper Comic from December 2 to December 11, 1979. Enjoy!  V3-025 cover  V3-025V3-026

The Daily Scrapbook 7/29/13 ST:TMP Bubble Gum Cards Part V-The Stickers!

Hey Kids, I meant to post these last Friday, but I was very busy preparing for a wedding on Saturday! (It was lovely!)  But here’s the final portion of my  ST:TMP Topps Trading Cards  — The Stickers! I was happy to get both versions of Spock.  The skull headed alien guy in #15 reminds me of David McCallum in “The Sixth Finger” episode of  The Outer Limits, or maybe they’re distant cousins of the torturing Vians in The Empath, eh? Hey, I’m thinking of putting the whole collection up on eBay– any takers?

Card 012 Card 013

My Weekly Spock 7/29/13 Zombies of the Stratosphere! (1952)

zombiescoverLet’s start at the very beginning, shall we?  Mr. Nimoy goes to Hollywood–he’s gonna be a star! Well, not just yet…And even though he’s seen prominently in the movie posters for the Republic Serial, Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952) (a.k.a.Satan’s Satellites), he’s not mentioned in the cast list there! (A remastered colorized DVD version remedies this great mistake!) Original black and while stills here, as well as highly colorized screen caps from the DVD. Gotta give the man credit for following his dream!  And it gave him practice to be an arch-eyebrowed- second-in-command member of a  spaceship!


That’s Nimoy (as Narab) on the far left -yep, those are really secure seats!


An original poster for zombies…


And the still it was based on… Leonard is only 21 here! (bless him!)


Now look menacing!


I had a terrible dream I was in an awful serial… oh, right…


*sniff!* I just wanted a decent speaking part!


But where’s the Gamesters of Triskellion?


You know it’s a bum rap when you have to carry the director’s luggage…


Nimoy finally gets credit for this movie–(but would probably be okay without it!)

DCC-Leonard-Nimoy-Zombies-of-the-Stratosphere-1952 6016464590_75b1ea562c_b 6016409705_5091174a72_b

The Daily Scrapbook: 7/23/13 Star Trek: TMP Bubble Gum Cards Part IV

Here’s today’s flashback — some more of my ST:TMP card collection…The crew has met the enemy and it’s doubleknit polyester! Decker gets glowing, Spock gets a haircut, McCoy has a beard, there’s a big hot foot on Vulcan, Ilia’s in her spa robe, the Klingons get bumpy, Klingon ships are still cool, as is Spock, and Kirk and Spock appear to be thisclose to a kiss!  (that promo shot always cracked me up!)

Card 09 Card 010Card 011

The Daily Scrapbook: 7/23/13 Star Trek: TMP Bubble Gum Cards Part III

Here’s today’s flashback – the next batch of ST:TMP cards I collected: More exciting ship interiors, and bad things happening to nice people.  Chekov gets zapped by invisible special effects, two people dance, I mean, get zapped in the transporter chamber by more unseen special effects, (Acting!) and everyone’s in the sickbay with Ilia getting a beaded tiara Kirk and Spock having a bromance moment.

Card 06Card 07Card 08

The Daily Scrapbook: 7/23/13 Star Trek: TMP Bubble Gum Cards Part II

Here’s today’s flashback:  The second batch of my Star Trek:TMP Bubble Gum trading cards from 1979.  Lots of new and freaky aliens (no doubt influenced by Star Wars).  I admit, I wasn’t too thrilled with the excessive latex, especially the flappy faced fellow in the first page lower right (so if you turn his face upside down, he frowns, right?) Sure, these aliens were mostly in the background, but  as Trek grew and morphed into the eventual franchise, the aliens got bumpier and bumpier to the point of extreme shock value.  This was my one complaint with the franchise; at times the make-up got in the way of the character — I found myself missing more M-planet type aliens with minor differences.  Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all the hard work and creativity that went into creating the alien looks, and I liked the new Klingon and Andorian designs I even dig the turtle-ish people here.  I just think, like the Rococco period in Art, and 1980’s fashion, Trek aliens entered the overblown design era starting in this period. In the current movie, lots of otherword aliens are already at the academy, which to me kind of breaks canon, since Mr. Spock was supposed to be the first and only non-human to serve in Starfleet at the beginning of the Original Series.   I’ll have to do a post about my least fave aliens sometime.  In the last set here you can see other advantages of a bigger budget -nice fancy lighting on the Enterprise’s  exterior, and the bridge finally has a ceiling!                                                                                        And speaking of Trek movies,  yes, I will have a review of  Into Darkness soon, family matters kept me from posting one sooner, and I’ll have to see it again to write a good, complete review. Thanks for your patience).
Card 03

Card 04

Card 05

The Daily Scrapbook: 7/22/13 Star Trek: TMP Bubble Gum Trading Cards from Topps. Part I

Here’s today’s flashback.  Once Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released, you could hear corporations the world over saying “Let the merchandising begin!” And so Topps, the great Baseball Card bubble gum company released its first Star Trek: The Motion Picture trading cards, complete with gum and stickers too.  Of course I collected many of them, and I’m sharing the ones I have with you this week, enjoy.

V3-020 Card 01 Card 02