May 29th

Hey Kids,

Just wanted to let you know that I had a biopsy today.  Without going into too much detail, I just want to say that there’s an 80% chance that my little problem is benign.  So please  say a little prayer for me, and keep meditating on that number; 80%.    (I’ll know by Monday) Thanks for your support.

In other much happier news, today was also my 21st Wedding Anniversary! Already?? Seems like yesterday.  Love my Mister!


Leonard Nimoy with the Boston Pops! — A guest post by Corylea

Hey Kids!  I have a treat for you today! I’m featuring a special guest post by fellow scrapper Corylea!  She had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Nimoy perform with the Boston Pops on May 23rd!  Great Job Cory! (you lucky duck!)  Thanks so much, and you’re welcome to contribute here anytime!  So nice to see Mr. Nimoy connecting with his roots.   I’m sure our readers here will enjoy this as much as I did!

Be sure to check the photos I found of the event at the bottom of this post!   I wonder if this was recorded?  PBS used to feature Boston Pops Concerts.  I hope it’s available at some point!


May 24th, 2014

I saw Leonard Nimoy at the Boston Pops Friday Night!

By Corylea

My husband and I saw Leonard Nimoy at “Out of This World” with the Boston Pops.  The general theme was “music inspired by outer space,” and it included both classical pieces, like three of the movements from Holst’s The Planets (Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter), and music from TV and movies, including the themes from Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and E.T.

We had great seats; we were in the third row, maybe 25 feet from Mr. Nimoy.  The seating at Pops concerts is cabaret-style, so we were sitting around a small table with a few other people.  Since we got there early, we took the seats that were on the stage side of the table, putting us essentially an entire row closer than the latecomers.  So, those of you going to the Saturday performance, get there early!

Mr. Nimoy was dressed in the jacket and trousers of a tuxedo, but instead of the usual ruffled shirt and bow tie, he was wearing a white wrap shirt and no tie.  When you’re 83 and an icon, you don’t have to wear uncomfortable shirts or annoying ties. 🙂

He looked good.  Those airport photos of Mr. Nimoy in a wheelchair with an oxygen tube alarmed all of us, but he didn’t cough or clear his throat at all, and he walked on and off the stage at a pace that I hope I can move at when I’m 83, so his COPD didn’t seem to be bothering him much.  He sat quietly in his chair at the front of the stage whenever he wasn’t speaking, occasionally bobbing his head in time with the music but not fidgeting at all, sitting with his hands folded in his lap.  Every once in awhile, he would smile slightly or raise an eyebrow, and I wondered what he was thinking as he listened to the music.

Mr. Nimoy started off the night by mentioning that Boston was his hometown and demonstrating a Boston accent for us, using he phrase “He’s Spock from Star Trek.”  Then he told the story — familiar to everyone who’s read his autobiographies — about how his father didn’t want him to be an actor and suggested that he learn to play the accordion, instead.  He said because of this, he was sure that his father would be thrilled that he was making his debut with the Boston Pops.  He kept the personal stuff quite short, but he was charming during it.

Mr. Nimoy told us that the stage was like the bridge of the starship that we’d all be riding tonight, as we listened to this music inspired by outer space, and the conductor was the captain.  He exchanged a few words with the conductor, Sarah Hicks, calling her “Maestro,” which was pretty cute.

The music started off with the theme from the Star Trek‘s Original Series.  Hearing it played by a full orchestra, with Mr. Nimoy sitting right there, I started crying.  Admittedly, I’m usually a sap, but this took me by surprise.  I’ve heard the Star Trek theme HOW many hundreds of times?  But hearing it played by a full orchestra, I was gone by the time they played the first four notes.

Then they played three movements from Holst’s The Planets, complete with what was called a movie but seemed more like a slideshow, of images of the planets.  I looked at those images from time to time, but the conductor was really exciting, and Leonard Nimoy was sitting right there.  So even though I usually enjoy photographs of Mars and Jupiter, I spent most of my time watching Mr. Nimoy’s face or watching the extremely energetic conductor, who seemed as if she were personally pulling the music out of the orchestra by main force. 🙂

Mr. Nimoy read some prepared text before each piece, talking about the context of the music and also talked a bit to Ms. Hicks.  He’s still got it, folks.  There were some funny lines, some moving lines, and some informative lines, and Mr. Nimoy did them all beautifully.  There were some lines that seemed as if they were far too long for a normal person to say in one breath, but a trained actor who’s played the Enterprise‘s Science Officer laughs at info dump lines. 🙂  Mr. Nimoy was charming and funny, and even if I’d had amnesia and had forgotten that I love him, I think I would have fallen for him all over again.

At one point, Mr. Nimoy told a very abbreviated version of the usual story about how he invented the Vulcan salute, then asked us if we could do it.  Hands were raised in the Vulcan salute all over Symphony Hall, and Mr. Nimoy shaded his eyes so as to peer out into the audience and see if we were doing it.

The music was very well done, and the music from Also Sprach Zarasthustra (the theme used in 2001: A Space Odyssey) made our hair stand on end.  I’d talk more about the music, but I think my friends mostly want to hear about Mr. Nimoy, so that’s what I’ve talked about. 🙂

The Boston Symphony Orchestra doesn’t permit cameras in Symphony Hall, and my cell phone is a very old for-emergencies-only type, without a camera, so I don’t have any pictures for you.  I know that lots of fans hang around the doors of a theatre before or after a performance, hoping to talk to an actor, but I didn’t want to bother Mr. Nimoy.  The poor man has been importuned by Star Trek fans everywhere he goes for 47 years now, and he deserves to be left in peace.  So sadly, Mr. Nimoy was safe from me. 🙂

Short version:  Mr. Nimoy looked in pretty good heath, he was charming and delightful, and he’s still got it. 🙂

boston pops SarahHicks_4

Busy Times…

Hey Kids,

Sorry I haven’t posted this week. Between my son’s 17th birthday last weekend and his Confirmation this weekend and other family and work issues,  I’ve been swamped.  But I’m working on some posts and you’ll hear from me soon!  You know how it is– especially at the end of the school year!  I should have a few of things up by Memorial Day.  Thanks for your patience. -Therese 🙂


FArFri – ‘Trek Spam 4’ by silveraaki

This uses the reboot version of our crew, but I think it’s pretty clever!  “Moose!”  by artist silveraaki


One of my favorites here is #9 !

From her description:

1. “I can so whoop your ass at fencing” – spawned from doodling with my friend in Calculus. We come up with weeeird stuff. >_<

2. Jim: “No.”
Bones: “You want shore leave or not”

3. “MOOSE!!” – I…….don’t know…

4. “The hell is this?” – Oh the decrepit pink, horned, dog…thing from the TOS series….yay 60’s

5. ZOMG!! Scotty! I don’t draw you enough, my friend.

6. There’s gonna be a tribble in every single one of these things. I swear.

7. *gigglesnort* Spock got shrink-ed!

8. “Dammit, Jim!” – If you can’t guess that would be Bones. I originally drew this with good ole Crayola crayons on a massive sheet of butcher  paper! Fun times…

9. Okay, follow the lines…
Kirk: “Spock?”
Bones: “Jim…”
Kirk: “Bones! Spoooooock?”
Spock: “Jim.”

10. Kirk: “Oooooooo”
Bones: “Yeah, I can’t do that with my arms”
Inspired from the epicness that is :icondemolitionlove:‘s picture here. Please, go look at it, especially if you love Star Trek and Charlie the Unicorn…..’cause the combination of those two just makes your head asplode. It’s true.

11. OMFG! I lurve this one XD

12. Kirk: “I’m gonna regret that later in life aren’t I?”
Spock: “There is a 98.43% chance of that being correct.”

Thar ya go, guys. More randomness from my notes. Drawing these characters never gets old…


Hey That Guy was on Star Trek! Marplon & Zarabeth in the Jungle…

Found another one! It’s Drums of Africa (1963), an exciting tale of love and slavery in the darkest continent!  that is, A teen dream musical with Frankie Avalon!  What I mean to say is, it’s marvelous  really a marvelous piece of crap!IMG_8932

Let’s see…A guy goes to Africa in the 1910’s to survey a railroad site for his boss, brings along his boss’s lightweight teen son and goes on safari, employing ‘the best guide in Africa’ and falling for the lovely young missionary woman who works with the guide.  Unfortunately, there are greedy slavers loose in the jungle, and his lady love is their main target!   Sounds exciting right?  Well…

Here’s our hero, David Moore (Lloyd Bochner, right) and teen-sidekick-that-he-didn’t-want-to-bring-along Brian Ferrers (Frankie Avalon) seeking out their guide. IMG_8942

With all this nice manliness on screen, the film inexplicably gives viewers a major beefcake valentine of…Marplon! (Torin Thatcher as Jack Cuortemayn ) IMG_8935IMG_8937

(Okay, Sorry about that — I better cleanse your memory palate here…)


Much better.

Anyway, Marplon spends the rest of the movie proving his virility to the other two guys by insisting on keeping his shirt unbuttoned…


And on the way out of his office, who should come screaming out of the jungle and into the arms of our hero but Zarabeth.(Mariette Hartley as Ruth Knight)IMG_8940

She’s being chased by slavers who  find her pure whiteness a  perfect target for their evil trade.   Zarabeth’s  Ruth’s fresh faced beauty has  the three  men gaga for her and pitching woo.  Of course for Frankie, that means–IMG_9252

Aaaaugggh!   And what a sappy number it is (The River Love)

This was a step down for Hartley’s career. She had recently finished the brilliant  Ride the High Country and compared this  job to going from president to janitor in two days. Of course she’s virginal and sweet here, and has been too busy in her young life to know love.  In one of queasiest moments of dialogue, Marlpon confides in Zarabeth that the only problem with their relationship is that they’re friends.  Ugh! IMG_8946

But Zarabeth isn’t into a May-December with Marplon, or a  December-May with Frankie, and despite the awesome gorgeousness of Marplon’s man-servant Kasongo (Hari Rhodes)…


…she can’t help but find herself attracted to bland white bread David (no surprise there).  But first she has to do an obligatory Dove soap commercial… IMG_8950


He meets her after she’s squeaky clean, of course, compares trunks with a baby elephant, and she admits that his kiss ‘brought her world alive!”  Please.   Little does she realize that years later, her lover will change his name to Cecil Colby and die while copulating with Edith Keeler (In her Alexis Karrington years) on Dynasty!  But that’s another post…

IMG_8951 IMG_8955

IMG_8956 IMG_8958

After much inter-cut animal action from King Soloman’s Mines, the pair live happily ever after in the jungle.  Did the railroad come through? Did Marplon ever button his shirt?  Did Frankie find Annette?  Can’t remember, think I fell asleep…  All in all 2 stars our of 5.

My Weekly Spock –Play it again, Spock

I always loved when we’d see a glimpse of Spock with his lyre.  It would be nice to see him with it in the next movie.  (But wait, that would mean a moment of quiet meditation and you can’t have that in a blockbuster action picture!)  Anyway, here’s Spock at his best musical self…


Sweetest scene ever!


A scene sadly cut from the original series. From Elaan of Troyus.


Quiet meditation


Keeping it handy in his quarters


This always made me cringe…


The Platonians were sadists, but it was nice of them to think of Spock’s musical side…

A Quick Note…

Hi Everybody,

Sorry I didn’t get to post more last week, but it’s a very busy time with work and family (as well as a health issue I’m dealing with).  I haven’t forgotten you  completely, just busy.  Just want you to know that I’m working on some new posts now and I should have some more up this week. Thanks for your patience, and I hope all the Mom’s out there had a nice Mother’s Day today! Here’s a daffodil from my back yard! 🙂


My Weekly Spock – Nimoy in The Lieutenant Part II

Hey All!

Here’s what I suspect a couple of my fangirls here were waiting for since last week (you know who you are!) Here’s Leonard at his finest in the rest of my stills from The Lieutenant episode In the Highest Tradition

He was quite a firecracker here, and Nimoy and Barrett played so well off of each other that their characters of the intense director (Gregg) and  his assistant (Ruth) would have made a great spin-off.  I can see it now:  The Director, starring Leonard Nimoy and Majel  Barrett!  With lots of sexual tension  and plenty of anguished moments where Gregg strips his shirt off…  Truly a missed opportunity!

You can see the whole episode here.