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My Weekly Spock — Some More Seventies Stills

Even though Trek was over by 1969, Nimoy’s popularity was soaring  from its syndication and exposure in Mission Impossible.  A shame Baffled didn’t get farther that a pilot, that would have been a fun show.  But Nimoy’s credits notwithstanding, he was and is  always Number 1 with his fans.


Soaking wet in ‘Baffled’



1972 florida

“I had to get my picture with Leonard Nimoy, even if I disturb his dessert!”

1972 yankee shipper hotel

The girl in the center is totally “I want some of that!” The lady on the right is “Hands off my daughter” They guy in the back is “What’s he got that I ain’t got?”

My Weekly Spock – Personal Appearances

Hey Kids,

Mr. Nimoy made a lot of personal appearances in the 70’s, and here’s a typical 8×10 glossy from the chain store Two Guys.  I found this on the site plaidstallions.com which is the mother load of all things 70’s! (Especially bad fashion, but Leonard looks great here!)

nimoy Two guys