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Separated at Birth: Star Trek Lookalikes Part III !

Note: I added Kelinda (Barbara Bouchet) who looks even more like Celeste Yarnall! (Martha)

Here’s my most recent list of Star Trek look-alikes.  Can you think of any more? You can see Parts I and II here and here. 🙂

#67 Plato’s Stepchildren

Plato’s Stepchildren– The look on Philana’s face perfectly captures the their sliminess!  But of course I always watched this one because Chapel finally got to kiss Spock! (Does that make me as repulsive as Philana?  😉   I always loved Michael Dunn’s performance here too, wonderful actor.

66 plato

Wideo Wednesday: “Bitter Dreads” — a Reggae Mr. Spock!

This is just a perfect blend of beat and song — who know that ‘Bitter Dregs‘ was a great Reggae song?   We NEEDED this after this sad week of remembering Leonard, whom I bet would have LOVED this! Perfect.

My Weekly Spock –Play it again, Spock

I always loved when we’d see a glimpse of Spock with his lyre.  It would be nice to see him with it in the next movie.  (But wait, that would mean a moment of quiet meditation and you can’t have that in a blockbuster action picture!)  Anyway, here’s Spock at his best musical self…


Sweetest scene ever!


A scene sadly cut from the original series. From Elaan of Troyus.


Quiet meditation


Keeping it handy in his quarters


This always made me cringe…


The Platonians were sadists, but it was nice of them to think of Spock’s musical side…

My Daily Spock 5/31/12

Nurse Chapel (and her incredible eyeliner) finally gets her wish, albeit forced.   I see a pattern here in Spock love scenes — he’s always on the right! (Best kissing angle?)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Probably the most festive poster I’ve ever made! Note the Gorn’s pilsner! Singing and drinks all around!


My Daily Spock 2/5/2012

Yeah, I know it’s Superbowl Sunday, but don’t forget to take a little time for quiet meditation.