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Happy Mother’s Day!

Taking a moment to cherish and enjoy the love and happiness of all our Moms, now living and forever in our hearts. Thank you Mom, I love you forever ❤  (Also very thankful that I’m a Mom of two beautiful sons 🙂 )

Mom at Phelps 03 copy

Therese’s Beautiful Mom, Anna, 1920-2013

IMG_3623 copy

Therese’s Beautiful Mother-In-Law, Mary. 1921-2015

IMG_3796 copy2 crop

Therese with husband Greg, and sons Steve & Matt. So thankful and blessed. (2015)

My Weekly Spock: Mother and Son

Hey Kids,

Sorry I’m late today with Weekly Spock.  I’m probably not going to post too much this week; my family and I are starting the housekeeping of my Mom’s things.  It will take a while off and on  throughout this year, but it’s good to get started. I know she’s watching over all of us –  🙂

With Mom in mind,  here’s some family time with Spock and Amanda.  I have to say, I was always glad that Jane Wyatt and Mark Lenard were still available to reprise their role in The Voyage Home.   

Here’s some Mother/Child bonding , enjoy.

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Today’s Toon: Aww Mom!


Wideo Wednesday: A Beautiful Life, Our Mom Anna (My video tribute to my Mother)

Dear Friends,

Here’s the video tribute I made about my beloved Mom in the days after her passing.  I hope you will enjoy it  as much as I enjoyed making it. It was definitely a healing experience. I love her beautiful smile. How blessed we were to have her as our Mom.   Also – be sure to watch it on a lap or desktop computer;  I’m trying to adjust it to be shown on handheld devices, but having trouble creating that option on YouTube*. Also, it’s @ 15 minutes so be sure you have enough time to watch all of it. I wish everyone could have known Mom!

For all of my siblings and I,  Thanks again for your love and support, and enjoy, Therese (the youngest of the Anna’s eight kids)

*Note, Oddly, in some countries this video will not stream, but if you are  in the U.S. , this shouldn’t be a problem. (I think the reason it is blocked is because in one picture from 1958, Mom appears in a very modest one-piece bathing suit!)

(I’m stillpeace2baby on You Tube)

Remembering My Dad on his 95th Birthday

Hey Kids,

Just a quick little memory today of my Dad, Bill, who would have been 95 today :-).    Dad passed in 1974 at the age of only 56, he was a loving and hard working Dad to all 8 of us and he adored my Mom, Anna. This occasion is both happy and sad, happy because we love and remember him fondly, sad, of course because my parents are no longer here. But this year, my Mom happily joined him in Heaven for this special occasion, and I know they are together at last.

(btw, Dad liked watching Star Trek with us and thought Lt. Uhura was adorable!)

Anna+Bill Wedding 1943 tinted copy - Copy

Mom and Dad on their wedding day in 1943

01-me-dad-and mom

Me with my Dad and Mom in 1964

My Weekly Spock 6/10/13 –Spock Therapy

Hi Kids.  I’m back.  I think I need some Spock-Therapy…

It's been a hard week

It’s been a hard week

Sometimes I'm just so sad.

Sometimes I’m just so sad.

Sometimes I want to scream

Sometimes I want to scream

Other times I'm just so mad

Other times I’m just so mad

Sometimes it feels like a nightmare

Sometimes it feels like a nightmare

I'll miss my Mom so much

I’ll miss my Mom so much

So thankful for my family and friends

So thankful for my family and friends

But if I concentrate

But if I concentrate

And breathe...

And breathe…

and pray with meditation

and pray with meditation

And keep her in my heart

And keep her in my heart

Slowly I'll make it through, and in time...

Slowly I’ll make it through, and in time…

The sun will shine again.

The sun will shine again.

Thank you all.

I just wanted to drop a note here to thank all of your who sent me messages of comfort and support at this sad time.   All of your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated and comforting, thank you so much.   We had a beautiful funeral for my Mom this past Monday: a true celebration of her life.  The support I’ve received has helped me, and continues to help me as I navigate through this time.   I’ll start posting here again next week.  Thanks again, Therese

IMG_5464 crop

The last, sadly prophetic but beautiful photo I took of my Mom, Anna, on Memorial Day, just as I was leaving her house.(several hours before the fall) She had just come out to get her daily dose of sunshine in her back yard, as she smiled, waved goodbye and said “I love you!”
I love you, Mom. Thank you for this gift. ❤