My Weekly Spock — Nimoy in ‘The Lieutenant’ (Pt. I)

Hey Kids,

Here’s your weekly fix; some screencaps of Leonard in “The Lieutenant”, a military series by Gene Roddenberry in 1964.  This episode, In the Highest Tradition, was a stepping stone for Nimoy’s casting in Star Trek.

Nimoy plays an hyper A-Personality director who’s hot to make an action war picture based on the exploits of one of the commanders of the title character.  Sounds great but the commander has a secret shame…

More pics next week, (you won’t want to miss those)  and yes, that IS Majel Barret (Nurse Chapel) as Nimoy’s secretary!

IMG_9051 IMG_9055 IMG_9057 IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9065 IMG_9067 IMG_9074


FArFri — The Romulan Commander by anotherminerva

One of my favorite characters of all time, the Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident.  TOS,   she whispered her name to Spock, which he found rare and beautiful.  In fan fiction, her name was revealed as  Liviana Charvanek, which is kind of pretty.  She just oozed cool, didn’t she?  From artist anotherminerva on DeviantArt.   Nice, I like that the artist added green lips!


My Weekly Spock — Leonard Remembers the Boston of his Youth

Hey Kids,

Thinking of Boston today as they run their triumphant Boston Marathon and slowly heal the wounds of last year’s attack.  Boston has been through many changes, but it will always be Boston Strong.  Here’s a portion of a wonderful  interview where Leonard remembers the long lost West End Boston of his youth:

(Sorry I’m late today, getting over a bad head cold.  Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!)


Can you spot Leonard here with his High School buddies?

FArFri — POD SPOCK DC Comic Art by Jerome K. Moore & Jason Palmer

Here’s this week’s official Fan Art Friday — This  is such a phenomenal piece I couldn’t wait to share it with you —

From professional comic book artists Jerome K. Moore and Jason Palmer, this is the cover of a Star Trek DC comic. Unfortunately I don’t know the title or year of this issue.  The story casts the original Enterprise crew into a sort of Invasion of the Body Snatchers scenario.   Now I really want to find this comic!


“Gridlock” (by Me!) Trek Screens as Art.

One  aspect of the Original Series production design that always intrigued me was the use of openwork grids as dividers in crew quarters, engineering, and other areas on the Enterprise and sometimes on planets.  The honeycomb grids were often repainted in different colors and used wherever needed. They were definitely reflective of mid-century style, which was probably considered most futuristic.  Yet somehow, as industrial as the grids looked, I somehow found them strangely cozy; maybe it was the way they were lit or especially the way their shadows fell on the characters at stealthy or dramatic moments.

All the grid-work inspired me to manipulate screen caps into this little collage, along with some other fancy openwork panel dividers that set the mood!  If you zoom in on this, you can see some of the characters. 🙂


My Weekly Spock: Mother and Son

Hey Kids,

Sorry I’m late today with Weekly Spock.  I’m probably not going to post too much this week; my family and I are starting the housekeeping of my Mom’s things.  It will take a while off and on  throughout this year, but it’s good to get started. I know she’s watching over all of us –  🙂

With Mom in mind,  here’s some family time with Spock and Amanda.  I have to say, I was always glad that Jane Wyatt and Mark Lenard were still available to reprise their role in The Voyage Home.   

Here’s some Mother/Child bonding , enjoy.

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FArFri — “You Seem Familiar” by Bolkonsky

This is totally adorable! A fun whimsical piece by Bolkonsky on DeviantArt  I appreciate that she acknowledged that New Kirk and McCoy have totally different eye colors than the original! (Really, I wish they gave New Kirk and McCoy color contacts!)   But this is really sweet; Love how Uhuras are singing and Scotties are swigging!  You can order products with this design too.