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1000 thank youI just checked my stats this morning, and it turns out that between Facebook, Twitter, and just plain old e-mails I now have 1000 subscribers to this blog!  😀   Thank you everyone who checks this out from time to time; I never thought three years ago that this silly little Trek blog would acquire so many viewers! (from all over the world!)

Thanks so much Kids! I look forward to posting new things for you, feel free to send me any suggestions, or if you have a TOS Trek story to share, let me know! And please, if you know anyone who loves TOS let them know about me!   May you all Live Long and Prosper!  Love ya! Therese


My Weekly Spock: Nimoy on ‘Stoney Burke’

This week for you Nimoy viewing pleasure, I came across a rare and nearly forgotten old series called Stoney Burke.  It stars Jack Lord as the title character; a rodeo rider with a heart of gold long before his Hawaii 5-0 days:  In this episode, titled ‘Fight Night’.  The charity rodeo Stoney is set to ride in is threatened by a prize fight the same night.  The managers of the prize fighter, Art Paxton, send thugs to the rodeo to keep their fight from losing customers. And who is this prize fighter they’re so willing to beat people up for? Well, young, fit, Leonard Nimoy, of course.  (and the director takes full advantage of the young actor’s physique)

You can see the whole episode here.  Nimoy appears around 36 minutes in- draped under a sheet  ala Frankenstein’s monster!




FArFri — Starlight by Kumagorochan

Sorry I’m a bit late this week with the Fan Art — Had a busy week with a day trip to NYC on Tuesday!  BTW, according to my WordPress account here- this is my 700th post!

Anyway, here’s a gorgeous Kirk study by Swedish artist Kumagorochan “Starlight”  — Just gorgeous.


My Weekly Spock – Manly Pink

Here’s a couple of shots of Leonard proving that real men wear pink! And can look darn good in it too!





FArFri: What a Spock! “Amok Time” by Garth Glazier

Hey Kids,

Thanks to Karen Bailey Wisecarver for providing the info on this great poster: the below image is a detail of a full Amok Time poster by artist Garth Glazier.  So dramatic! Below the detail is the full version, just marvelous!  — I wondered what that little necklace in the lower right hand corner was! (T’Pring’s hair and ornaments).10310528_767448319954423_2244751395672150340_n

STAR TREK_AmokTime_Poster5

Here’s the full version; Nice photo manipulation!


Wideo Wednesday: Top 10 Trek Episodes by Mojo

Do You Agree?   I’d swap out Arena for  A Piece of the Action or Patterns of Force.

I’ll have to do a poll here soon and get our own results!


#41: The Deadly Years

Hey Kids, I finally got this done!  Originally I was going to do a age progression step by step with the characters, but this spilled pills concept worked better! 41 down, 39 to go!  You can see all of my Star Trek Movie Posters here.   Enjoy! Therese

41 Deadly Years


My Weekly Spock: Spock and Leila

I came across a few publicity stills of Spock and Leila from This Side of Paradise.  Always loved this episode, and the goodbye scene is just one of the best goodbyes I’ve ever seen.

spock_and_leila copy

STSoP_15 spock_and_leila_2

FArFri – “Spocktopus” by Stumpaa

Stumpaa strikes againThis artist often morphs Trek characters with earthly creatures, and this time, Spock takes a go under the sea! Before I even saw the title, I said “That ‘s a Spocktopus!”  Pretty clever, if unusual! (although he needs some chest hair!)


Wideo Wednesday: Rinse of the Archons by Spockboy!

SpockBoy is Back!  (We’ve missed you!) Enjoy!