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FArFri – “Cowboy Sketch” by Tafafa

Tafafa strikes again — this time it’s Nimoy as Miller in Catlow


#39 – The Apple

An apple a day…I’m very happy with this one!

39-The Apple

Separated at Birth -Star Trek Lookalikes Part II !

I found some more! Part I is here.

separated at birth pt II

#38 — “The Changeling”

Here’s the next in my poster series — it’s Nomad in “The Changeling”  He was an irritating little stinker, wasn’t he?

38 Changeling

My Weekly Spock – Nimoy drops in on a Kiddie Show

Around 1971, Mr. Nimoy made a personal appearance at Birmingham, Alabama’s  local TV station WBMG on the kiddie show Sargent Jack.  I’m Nimoy on Sgttotally digging the leather jacket!   It’s fun  to see an average Joe alongside Nimoy’s Joe Cool! Too bad there aren’t more pictures or a video of this! Would love to have heard what they chatted about.

Back then almost every local TV station with a news department had a kiddie show with a live host in character and often puppet shows, games, and cartoons.

I remember when I was a kid, our local CBS affiliate,  WNBF, Channel 12, had their show Officer Bill with Bill Parker (who still does radio!) Our Local ABC affiliate (WBJA) had their local version of Bozo the clown, and as a curly- haired Brownie, my troop 206 got to be on both shows!  (Wish I could get a video of those too!)

FArFri – Uhura by helingershadowfax

I never thought Uhura got enough screen time in the original.  She deserved it, AND to take over the bridge once in a while!  Here she is in all her gorgeous glory, by helingershadowfax:


Wideo Wednesday – Full Interview- Nimoy on Piers Morgan

Hey Kids, here’s Mr. Nimoy on Piers Morgan — and Morgan can’t hide his geeky side!