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Nichelle is Hot Stuff in the ’60s

I just came across this gorgeous portrait of Nichelle Nichols taken likely in the late 60’s.  She is the Queen.  High Voltage indeed!   I love the zebra print dress; a classic look one could easily wear today!   We love you Nichelle! ❤

My Weekly Spock: Mr. Mosaic

I had featured a picture similar to this one back in 2013, but here’s a different picture from the same shoot that I’ve never seen!   Someday I’ll find that mosaic if it still exists and get a selfie! Anyone knows if it still exists?

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My Weekly Spock: This Was a Happy Man

Reviewing pictures of Leonard — This was a happy man.  I mean, sure, we all have problems and can’t be happy all the time, but so often you can see the genuine joy Leonard possessed in many candids and portraits.


Joy at a personal appearance

He clearly  loved his work, his family, his fans, and his life.  His smile was infectious and images of him laughing or smiling always bring me joy!


Joyous to be Spock again in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

newspaperboys club

Happy reminiscing as a former paperboy at a Boston function. (1960’s)

My Weekly Spock -Blue Boy with 5 O’Clock Shadow

Here’s some great shots of Leonard, mid-60’s in full Spock haircut mode, a little 5 0’clock shadow and that blue ribbed shirt!  (If I find any more from this great set, I’ll add them here later!)


Celeste Update: Over $21,000, Headwraps, and Elvis.

Hi Kids,

Celeste posted an update on her fund, and we are still inching closer to the halfway mark!  I truly hope this can be reached soon so the full $50,000 can be raised!  She gives a nice shout-out to Chemo-Beanies who supplied the gorgeous head-wrap she wears in this beautiful recent photo:

I want to give a little shout out to a wonderful company whom I discovered while I was a patient at my local hospital. I had had my 8 hour cancer surgery and first chemo round there and one of the nurses showed me that in the conference room on the oncology floor a wonderful company had donated some very stylish and comfortable head wraps. Hair loss is inevitable with chemotherapy and yes there are wigs but they are not comfortable all the time. Chemo-Beanies has come to the rescue. Please check out this wonderful company and their foundation and support them if you can if the spirit moves you. https://chemobeanies.biz/

celeste head wrap

Celeste, we’re thinking of you always and sending healing thoughts (and preferable donations)   Here’s my latest little ‘toon to promote the fund — now with 100% more Elvis! 

Donate here:  http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs

elvis celeste

Wideo Wednesday: Assignment: Earth- Two Opening Sequences — If Only!

These two videos were brought to my attention by reader “Supervisor 194” (David Thomas) who created these two splendid opening sequences to the series that never was:  Assignment: EarthI love the music to these; the first being the original arrangement, and the second, a jazzier, ’70’s version.

I think Assignment: Earth would have made a wonderful series.  A lot of people see Gary Seven as an American version of Dr. Who, and I can see that quite easily.  Now if only someone in Hollywood would make this  real — I think Benedict Cumberbatch would made a fine Seven!

My Weekly Spock: I Love Lennie (and Spocky!)

Hey Kids,

Thinking of Mr. Nimoy all weekend, and, as often as I do when I’m sad, made lemonade out of lemons.  Here’s a couple of collages of our beloved Leonard, inspired by I Love Lucy  Be sure to check back every Monday for your weekly dose of lovely Lennie. ❤   His smile will always warm out hearts 🙂


Wideo Wednesday: California Dreamin’

It’s cold outside (12) — I’m dreaming of warmer weather!  Wishing you warmth wherever you are! 🙂

My Weekly Spock: Rare Color Make Up Pics

Turning into Spock isn’t easy!   Here’s some rare color stills of Leonard during and after makeup.  In the regular lighting, you can see how thick the pancake was.  Spock should have dressed in a button down shirt all the time 🙂

The shirt he’s wearing is his own, but very similar to the one he wore in The City on the Edge of Forever.


My Weekly Spock -If I Were a Carpenter…

Leonard at his handyman best! Found these on the net, I obviously do not own.  But aren’t these great?  🙂  He can build me a cabinet anytime! I wonder what article these came from?  (Winston, you know a lot about this stuff, clues?)

CE7rY5gBWkKGrHqFjcE1JPeotlYBNTgSKCK0_3 CE7sv2kKGrHqJlgE1FzJt8rBNTgjDbb_3 CE7t0Nw2kKGrHqMOKjUE0Qt3zT7cBNTgbzpOO_3