Before today is over, I have to note that today, November 29th, is the 12th anniversary of George Harrison’s passing 🙁 — can’t believe it’s been a dozen years already.  I like to think that he and John have regular jamming dates in heaven 🙂 GeorgeHarrisonGeorge65

On a happier note– today is also my 20 1/2 wedding anniversary!  😀  I’m glad that we had George and how his music touched my life, but even happier that I married the greatest guy in the world! My sweet Greg! <3

FArFri – Real Men Fear Not-by shazam26

Kirk__Spock__McCoy___REAL_MEN_by_shazam26I thought this was pretty funny — See, even the Enterprise Men need a little sprucing up in the morning to retain their fabulous-ness!   As the artist describes on DeviantArt:



(The boys of the Enterprise would like to offer a friendly reminder: that although they get up rather early in the morning to perfect their hairstyles, get on their make up, and enjoy their share of flamboyant attire, they’ll still boss you around, make you feel supid and then kick your ass- be it a spine punch, a neck pinch… or a good old fashioned hypo. You have been warned.”

This also reminds me of a scene from a famous blooper reel where De, Bill, Leonard and James pretended to shave with their phasers!  Have a nice weekend , Everyone!


Please Don’t Shop on Thanksgiving.

Hey Kids, (Especially my American ones)

I came across a few articles recently regarding ‘Grey Thursday’ which is basically the American Retail Community stretching it’s annual “Black Friday” sales backward into Thanksgiving.  This trend started last year, and it is increasing its presence this year.

Personally I find this disgusting.

I can understand the need for some businesses to be open on this national holiday, (some groceries, restaurants,theaters, gas) but by insisting that retailers open their shops on Thanksgiving evening and interrupting the time that was proposed specifically as a FAMILY holiday is just plain wrong.  I mean seriously, people don’t travel hundreds of miles to just go shopping at another stinkin’ mall on Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving should be a quiet blessing of a holiday; a time for a nice meal, family visiting, and maybe some football if you like. Now to be fair, I understand that for most Americans, the Christmas season shopping season starts the day after Thanksgiving, and depending on how much of November is left after that 4th Thursday determines the length of the shopping season, and that this season is shorter because Thanksgiving is so late.  But to me this does NOT justify rushing out to Buy, buy, buy, RIGHT NOW at the expense of our treasured family time.  This trend is expanding and I fear it will become the norm.  I truly hope not.

It also begs the question of how much we really NEED.  Holiday shopping is a headache for many, mostly because they feel the stress of  “I must buy x number presents to show I care”.  Believe me America, the best gift you can give anyone in our fast-paced, consumer-inflated country is just your Precious Time.  Please don’t shop on Thanksgiving.  Don’t be seduced by the sales.  Hug your kids, have some pie, watch some football,  The stores will still be there the next day.


My Weekly Spock — From 1954: Nimoy on Dragnet

Daaaah- Da- Dum-Dum.     Daaaah- Da- Dum-Dum -DAAAAAAAAH!

Yup, anyone over 35 should recognize those famous opening bars from the great old Jack Webb series Dragnet.  (God, I’m old!) Many a young future star would be cast as that weeks latest juvenile delinquent, and Nimoy was no exception.  So without further adieu, here’s “Just the Facts, Ma’am”…

Last week we had some vintage stills from Nimoy’s appearance on Highway Patrol, this week he’s still on the wrong side of the law as young punk Julius Carver on the episode “The Big Boys” — note the goofy mustache!  Here he is with his co-conspirator in the famous ‘line-up’ pictures seen at the end of each episode!  Nimoy later appeared on Dragnet again in 1959, but I’m still looking for that one.

With all the ‘heavy’ roles he had to play, is it any wonder Nimoy was pleased to play Spock; a character his “mother could be proud of”! IMG_7803

IMG_7804 IMG_7802 Here’s a video clip I found of Nimoy’s very short scenes:

FArFri – Star Trek Pop Art by Des Taylor

For this week’s fan art, I just came across these today, and they’re fantastic! Star Trek re-imagined by artist Des Taylor.   Now wouldn’t you love to see a cartoon based on these?! (This would blow the whole Filmation version out of the water!) Look how deliciously sly Kirk looks!


Gotta love the spit curl!


Logical and well prepared


She looks like a cross between Dr. Helen Noel and Joan Holloway of Mad Men! (Which is surprisingly similar to my StarTreKomic of 2011) :


The artist really digs the uniforms, especially on the women!

Separated at Birth? Star Trek Lookalikes

While watching old episodes of Trek, I’ve always thought that Majel Barrett (No. 1, Nurse Christine Chapel) could have been a twin, or at least a sister to the great comic actress Eve Arden(Our Miss Brooks, Mildred Pierce, Grease). Both women had similar speech delivery and mannerisms.  Check out any of Ms. Arden’s movies and you’ll see what I mean. With this in mind, I gathered up a bunch of other celebrity lookalikes in the Star Trek Universe.  Let me know if you can think of any more!

separated at birth

My Weekly Spock – Nimoy as ‘Ray’ on Highway Patrol

Here’s Leonard as Ray,  a heavy (of course) on the Highway Patrol episode ‘Blood Money’. (1958) As sleek and suave as Don Draper, even when his Brylcreem fails, yet such a gangly runner over the railroad tracks! But he gets to wear a cool porkpie hat, and at least he didn’t die in the end –you don’t mess with Broderick Crawford, kids!