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My Weekly Spock: I Wonder…

I wonder where Leonard was when this funny one was taken!  No doubt in the  ’70s and a local channel was airing In Search Of… It must be odd to see a huge head of yourself in public, but looks like Leonard enjoyed it!

How many here watched In Search Of… back in the day or since.  Do you think it aged well?  I”m looking forward to the new reboot of the show with (appropriately) Zachary Quinto  as host!   I’m sure Leonard would approve!

My Weekly Spock: Seventies Man

I always love seeing Nimoy in his 1970’s mode!  Mister Cool!   Here’s a few from personal appearances.  Of course, the media still wouldn’t let Spock go at this point, as the caption to the last picture dictates “Spock, Where are your ears?” Oy!


I think that’s the Shat-Man in the background.


Probably on a convention panel.


Outdoor lectern.



My Weekly Spock: This Was a Happy Man

Reviewing pictures of Leonard — This was a happy man.  I mean, sure, we all have problems and can’t be happy all the time, but so often you can see the genuine joy Leonard possessed in many candids and portraits.


Joy at a personal appearance

He clearly  loved his work, his family, his fans, and his life.  His smile was infectious and images of him laughing or smiling always bring me joy!


Joyous to be Spock again in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

newspaperboys club

Happy reminiscing as a former paperboy at a Boston function. (1960’s)

My Weekly Spock – Piping Hot

Yes, smoking is bad for you, but he just looks so delightfully Sherlock-y here!  These are in black and white, but that’s the same light blue top he wore at the space shuttle Enterprise’s unveiling! (see color detail below)

162100234162100235162100237Shuttle launch 1976 copy

My Weekly Spock: In a Wavy Trance

Just came across these on Facebook — (Thanks Lynett Ann Toole!)   My goodness; wavy hair and entrancing poses!  Welcome back to My Weekly Drool  Spock!

wavy 2_n

In spy mode…

Put a spell on you...

Put a spell on you…

Remember when men wore  watches that were just... watches? Simpler days...

Leonard Nimoy for Timex…Remember when men wore watches that were just… watches? Ah, simpler days…

My Weekly Spock: Convention Time!

 I found some pictures taken at a Trek convention in the early 70’s – (1973 or ’74?) Good old days! (And the blue Denim suit that keeps on giving!)

tumblr_myyahegUhk1r9wx7so1_1280 tumblr_nilm23cl3q1qj4li6o1_500 tumblr_niljymAMlV1qj4li6o1_500 tumblr_niljl9Y90D1qj4li6o1_500 tumblr_niljmr37fn1qj4li6o1_400 tumblr_nilk0cwtch1qj4li6o1_500 $_12



FArFri: Spock Mind Melds with Nixon by Doug Little

I thought this was pretty funny — notice Spock’s burning ears!   By  Doug Little.  😀


My Weekly Spock: Some Seventies Shots

Here a couple of nice ones from the 70’s — always happy to find new ones!
smile smile2

My Weekly Spock- Beautiful Burgundy

If there is any up side to Mr. Nimoy’s passing, it’s that we’ll see many more pictures that we’ve never seen before!  Like these beauties from the 70’s. (Disco Leonard?)  I think the burgundy was a beautiful color on him.

70s.2 70s.3 70s.4 70s.jog

My Weekly Spock: I Love Lennie (and Spocky!)

Hey Kids,

Thinking of Mr. Nimoy all weekend, and, as often as I do when I’m sad, made lemonade out of lemons.  Here’s a couple of collages of our beloved Leonard, inspired by I Love Lucy  Be sure to check back every Monday for your weekly dose of lovely Lennie. ❤   His smile will always warm out hearts 🙂