I Started a New Memorial Page to Leonard on Facebook! (I Met Leonard Nimoy)

Nimoy 3 -CC 2-18-78

Photo of Leonard at the Clemmens Center in Elmira, New York, February 18, 1978. This was the first time I met Leonard, but forgot my camera that night so a fellow fan sent this to me 🙂

Hey Kids,

If you or anyone you know has met Leonard Nimoy — I’ve started a Facebook Page devoted to all of you!  Think of it; there must have been thousands of people who met Leonard over the past 50 years — I hope people will share their stories and pictures here! I can’t think of a better way to share his legacy than to share our stories and pictures!

UPDATE:  Please NOTE:  I have updated this FB page into a GROUP (easier to upload pictures when you join)   It is now called ‘I Met Leonard Nimoy Remembrance Page’  Here’s the new link: