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Cross-Stitch Leonard in Black and White

Since I’ve had a awful head cold this week, I took a little time to make another Nimoy picture with the Cross Stitch World Game on Facebook.  This is one of my favorite photos of him ever!  Well, back to more fluids and rest! ❤


Lovely Ladies of Trek: Cross-Stitch Edition…

Okay, I’ m having WAY too much fun with this Facebook game (Cross-Stitch World)!   Here’s my exclusive takes on Deela, Droxine, Nona, two Alices, and of course, Yeoman Landon (Hi Celeste!)    Okay, not going to do anymore of these until next month!  Whaddya think?  Who would you like to see next?

Alices Yeoman Martha Landon Nona Droxine Deela



FArF: Cross-Stitch Trek!

I recently came across a game on Facebook called Cross-Stitch World, and you can create your own cross stitch designs with any photos from your computer or FB page — so naturally I made a couple of classic Mr. Spock moments…

Spock Smirk mudds women x-stitch 12697110_10206746321990576_4955831018003306083_o