Goodnight Dearest Yeoman – Remembering Celeste Yarnall 1944-2018

It is with a very heavy heart that I report today that our friend Celeste Yarnall has passed away. Surrounded by her loving family, she will never be forgotten.   She is forever remembered to us Trek fans as Yeoman Martha Landon in The Apple, but she was so much more.

Celeste and her beloved Nazim in 2013. Soulmates so happy together.

Celeste passed on Sunday night after a hellish battle with cancer which began as ovarian four years ago and evolved into lung cancer recently.  I can only imagine how awful it was when it was reported recently that she had non-stop coughing, pain, and mucus from the lung invasion.  When I read that she was in hospice, I suspected that she was soon to be on her final celestial journey.  I send my deepest condolences and comfort to her husband Nazim, daughter Cami, and granddaughter Gaby.  You were her rock and her heart.

I first became friends with Celeste through Facebook.  It was there I had learned of her cancer and I was determined to help her raise money through her cancer fund to help her with medical payments. I had sent her my interpretation of her Star Trek episode, The Apple, as a movie poster: 

She liked it so much, she printed it up big and displayed it frequently at her autograph signings!  I was so honored.  


Inspired, I created numerous Star Trek ‘funnies‘ depicting her in her role as Yeoman Martha Landon in The Apple with Trek characters encouraging donations, like this one:                                                                                                       I also like making artistic portraits of her as Martha the occasional collages for her business ventures like Bemer and Hemp Oil. She really enjoyed these, and was so gracious and thankful when she posted them on her blogs.   I hope they helped.

One of the first things I did after making Celeste’s acquaintance was making her a pretty peach floral pillowcase.  We often conversed through Facebook and I had the joyous fortune of several phone conversations with her, and we would talk health, family, and occasionally Elvis and Star Trek.   She was so funny and dear, and very passionate about letting people know about wellness and the promise of Immunotherapy, which helped her battle the ovarian cancer. She was comforting to me when I was going through my time with minor breast cancer,(Stage 0 – now free) which was nothing compared to hers.  But she understood my fears, and gave me comfort, which helped me through it. Forever grateful.

My only regret is that I never got to meet her personally.  I couldn’t really afford a trip to Las Vegas to see her in one of her annual appearances there.  If I had known this year’s would be her last, I’d have happily gone into credit debt to see her.  But that is life, and I am so blessed that I got to know her in these past few years.

When I heard of her hospice care, I immediately started making a photo book for her through a photo site.  It was a collection of all the funnies and posters I made for her. Sadly, although it is on its way as I write this, she’ll never see it.  But I truly hope that Nazim and Cami will take comfort in it as a memorial.   They have worked so hard for her, and I pray they know that all their efforts were not in vain.

Celeste’s last artistic request to me was for a poster that read “Keep Calm and Beam Me Up” I made the one below, and she was very pleased.  Yet I can’t help but think that she knew the end was coming, and this was her subtle way of saying goodbye. And now that she has beamed up to the celestial heavens,  I know she will be welcomed there with all the love and more that she had on Earth.  Goodnight  Dearest, Sweet Yeoman, my friend.   You are forever in my heart. <3





FArFri: What a Spock! “Amok Time” by Garth Glazier

Hey Kids,

Thanks to Karen Bailey Wisecarver for providing the info on this great poster: the below image is a detail of a full Amok Time poster by artist Garth Glazier.  So dramatic! Below the detail is the full version, just marvelous!  — I wondered what that little necklace in the lower right hand corner was! (T’Pring’s hair and ornaments).10310528_767448319954423_2244751395672150340_n

STAR TREK_AmokTime_Poster5

Here’s the full version; Nice photo manipulation!


FArFri – A Gallery of Nimoy/Spocks from Tafafa!

Hey Kids!

As you seen in previous FArFri , I’ve posted the work of artist Tafafa and her gorgeous renderings of Leonard Nimoy as himself and other characters.  Tafafa has admitted on her DeviantArt page that she’s totally fascinated with  Nimoy’s features, and aren’t we lucky that she captures him so beautifully?  As a Birthday Week Special, I’m posting a bunch of her Nimoy studies– from kid to Senior — Prepare to be blown away.  Enjoy!


Young Leonard seems to be channeling Alfred E. Neuman here!



Ah, Youth!


They Dynamic Duo — You’ve got to check out all her stuff!


This is remarkable not just for its intimacy, but for the way it portrays the pain of Pon Farr.


I love this one – it really captures his personality.


Young and Old!


Just too adorable!


With the wisdom of his years — his eyes look a little teary here. Stunning.


FArFri – Star Trek Pop Art by Des Taylor

For this week’s fan art, I just came across these today, and they’re fantastic! Star Trek re-imagined by artist Des Taylor.   Now wouldn’t you love to see a cartoon based on these?! (This would blow the whole Filmation version out of the water!) Look how deliciously sly Kirk looks!


Gotta love the spit curl!


Logical and well prepared


She looks like a cross between Dr. Helen Noel and Joan Holloway of Mad Men! (Which is surprisingly similar to my StarTreKomic of 2011) :


The artist really digs the uniforms, especially on the women!

The Daily Scrapbook 10/11/12

(Sorry I’m late with this today, been busy with lots of housework!)

Here’s today’s flashback — Back in ’73, we had a new paperback by author David Gerrold, called The World of Star Trek; a thick volume with lots of anecdotes, insider notes, and best of all,  over 75 pictures! When it got too quiet around the house, I’d hear my mom or sister yell “Are you reading that book again?!”  I was obsessed, especially looking at the pictures of the Trek stars as their characters next to ‘current’ photos of them.  Seeing the real-life pictures was pretty wild (George Takei with a pageboy haircut!), but I preferred looking at the old Trek headshots, and my sister decided to practice her sketching one autumn afternoon, and she drew her versions of the Kirk and Spock pictures. I loved these.  Here they are, and I’ve cleaned them up a little since the originals had some grease stains and smudges.  She made these in November of 1973, and I must have pestered her to make McCoy too because she drew his in January! Not bad for a first attempt.  Thanks Sis! Bet you didn’t know I still had these!