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#30 ‘Catspaw’

Just in time for Halloween!  My 30th Trek poster, and the first episode filmed for Season 2,  Catspaw

Wideo Wednesday – Stuff of Dreams, Happy Halloween!

Not Star Trek, but  Gilligan’s Island — A wonderful compilation of the dream sequences and to me, the best feature of GI!  Always great to see the GI actors out of character an in costume! (And it does begin and end with a vampire!)

The Daily Scrapbook 10/30/12 June 1977- The real Enterprise flies, and Trek will return!

Well, Hurricane Sandy kind of fizzled in my area, still on a high wind watch but no notable damages.  Hope everyone reading this  is okay, and that your managing well.

Here’s a little distraction, today’s flashback is from June of 1977.  Trekkies were having a great time nationally on two fronts.  The experimental space shuttle Enterprise had made its first successful flight and to make the joy complete, Paramount announced that, yes, Star Trek would be coming back as a TV series!! I admit, I was excited at the prospect of Trek being back on TV, but I was wary of it too.  After all, it had been 9 years since the original was canceled, and if if was coming back, I was in the camp that wanted it to look and feel exactly like the original, same uniforms, same ship, same crew.   I remember having doubts about this venture, and was concerned that since many of the actors, especially Nimoy, had moved on, that this just wasn’t going to work, at least not in a TV series. My doubts proved right as the proposed Star Trek 2 pretty much died on the drawing board. But at the time, it was still a possibility.  Yet I knew that if Trek came back in this form, it would lose its distinctly 60’s feel, and I really wasn’t looking forward to a polyester-disco Trek.  Now if the series hadn’t been canceled in the first place I think it would have concluded its mission in a satisfactory condition, and probably would have been canceled a year or two later.  But then, it would have never  evolved into the eventual movie  and TV ‘franchise’ it is today, and we never would have had its ultimate rebirth in J.J. Abrams 2009’s Star Trek, which in the end was the movie I had been waiting 30 years for!  In hindsight, it worked out pretty good, but I still wonder how Trek might have been if it lasted an extra two seasons in its original form.    I’ll write a speculation on this soon, for now, enjoy the euphoria, excitement, and speculation as Trekkies the  world over anticipated the return of their  favorite show .

Toon Tuesday 10/30/12 Two for Tuesday!

Through a Glass Kirkly, parts I and II:

The Daily Scrapbook 10/29/12 — NYT 1977 ‘Leonard Nimoy Possessed by the roles he plays’

Here’s today’s flashback (something to get you east-coasters minds briefly off of Hurricane  Sandy–Stay Safe Everyone!)

From The New York Times in 1977, here’s a nice, long interview with Nimoy in his rented Manhattan apartment, talking about Equus, Star Trek, and being prescient about what roles he will play (He knew he’ play Dysart, he knew he’d play Sherlock Holmes).   At this point, he was heavily lobbying to play the vampire Lestat in ‘Interview with the Vampire‘ that Paramout had just bought.
I don’t think he foresaw that it wouldn’t be made until 1993 and that Tom Cruise would get the part — I wonder if it  would have been better if it had been made in the late 70s or early 80’s with Nimoy in the role.  We can only imagine.

Spock is #1!

Definitely the #1 choice in this analysis of sci-fi characters! Spock rocks.

My Weekly Spock 10/29/12 “Nimoy at the Costume Shop”

Halloween is almost upon us, so since everyone’s in costume, this week I look at Nimoy who,  like his idol, Lon Chaney, was as a man of many faces, especially in his early years when he had a lot of ‘heavy’ roles, and in the Seventies when he did a wide range of characters in theater roles.    Theater was his first love, and I bet he loved getting back on a real stage!  A classmate of mine got to see him as King Arthur in Camelot one summer (1973)  I was so jealous! Let’s just call this ‘Nimoy at the costume shop’.  What should he be for Halloween?

A Doctor?  (The scheming Dr. Barry Mayfield in Columbo)

A Confederate Soldier? (as Kreton from Visit To a Small Planet)

A Navy Captain?  (Assault on the Wayne 1971)

There’s always a cowboy

Or an Indian  (Nah, he’s been too many of those!)  (From Daniel Boone)

Maybe a Magician (from M:I, ‘The Amazing Paris!”)

Maybe a Zombie! (from the Stratosphere!)

Nah — I think King suits him best! (As King Arthur, Camelot, 1973)  Heck, I wish my legs looked that good!