My Weekly Spock: Leonard Meets Himself.

I’ve been seeing a trend lately on social media with Photoshopped pictures of celebrities side-hugging their younger versions of themselves, so naturally I had to make one with Leonard!

I’ll be doing the whole cast within the next few weeks; stay tuned!

As I write this, I just realized that it was 41 years ago on this day when I first met Leonard in Elmira!   Today is also my sister’s birthday; Happy Birthday, Sis! <3

(And thanks for your patience, I’ve been busy with my subbing job at the local Elementary School!)

My Weekly Spock: OMG!

Well, here’s one I’ve NEVER seen!  Prime Nimoy in the 1950’s!  Thanks to Monica Reinoso for finding this!!!

UPDATE:  It’s on eBay for a few more days and the price is skyrocketing! (Thanks Bobbie!)

My Weekly Spock — I Was a Teenage Spock

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, kids!  Busy with work, my son being away for a school trip, Easter, and rescuing a stray cat! It has a new home now  <3 )  But here’s this week’s Nimoy appetizer.   🙂   I came across these sweet pics of little and teenage Lennie! (The first one I Photoshopped a little since it had a huge crack across the right side).

I was a teenage spock reverse  copy1235057_578292875541697_2035469530_n 309229_462530030433848_40104904_n  379251_490526830984969_1287284237_n

My Weekly Spock: 1950’s “Hi-Lites” Questionnaire

I came across this interesting little tidbit from Mr. Nimoy’s youth… This was Leonard’s responses to a questionnaire by a fan publication from the 1950’s called “Hi-Lites”, which covered ‘up and coming’ actors and actresses’. This one was from 1953-54.  He was happy to respond to Mrs. Hreha’s questions with this gracious note and even supplied a photo!

Early in his career, he’s excited about the avenues opening up to him (Dragnet!) and possibly more so about his interests (“WOMEN!)  (This was not long before his marriage to Sandi)

Dear Mrs Hreah-01Dear Mrs Hreah-02

My Weekly Spock –“Sea Hunt” in his Birthday Suit (sort of)

Hey Kids,

Since this is Leonard Nimoy Birthday Week, I couldn’t think of a better way to start off than having Mr. Nimoy in his birthday suit…well, half of it!

Nimoy did eight episodes of the Lloyd Bridges series Sea Hunt.  Here’s screencaps from one of his most au natural appearances The Shipwreck (1958) Nimoy plays Vince, a newlywed trapped with his whiny wife, an old man, and Mike Nelson (Bridges) in a life raft without paddles for nearly a week at sea.  It gets pretty desperate, and Vince is a bit of a dope, but he has incredibly great hair blowing in the sea breeze, and lots of hairy chest goodness..


The rescue gets off to a good start as Vincent tears out of his wet shirt


Well, he won that wet tee contest…


He has…


amazingly floppy


HAIR, here.


Eek, ribcage!


Did I mention the hair?




“Look, there’s land!”


“Ah, we couldn’t reach it!”


You’ll just have to endure my chest hair…








I’m Hungry!


I’m too sexy for my shirt…


Too sexy for my shirt…


So sexy it hurts…


Did I mention the hair…


My wife’s mad at me for losing the fishing rod… and won’t let me touch her…


But Mike can’t resist me anymore!


I keep them happy with my Dracula impression…


I still have the best hair here…


Could I PLEASE have some Chapstick?


She forgave me when she remembered she couldn’t live without my chest hair…