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Handsome Jim Kirk (Big Gallery)

For All you Kirkites or Jimbos out there (or whatever Kirk fans call themselves). Some images of Jim looking charming, adorable, hot, or just mighty dandy. Nice to see a friendly face to release those happy endorphins! 🙂 (Love those olive green eyes!) Bless you Bill! Stay Well Everyone ❤ love Therese

My Weekly Spock: Toronto Turtleneck Mystery…

I came across these wonderful (and remarkably hot) photos of Leonard when he did a radio interview with Betty Kennedy for Toronto radio on April 7, 1969.  He’s quickly grown out the Spock hair and sideburns, and is all ready to be Paris on Mission: Impossible.  I also came across a similar close-up of him in a room with damask wallpaper, but I’m not sure if it’s the same day (hair is very similar) and he changed his turtleneck, or it this was just a different day. I’m guessing the latter~ But no matter, it’s Leonard Prime!

Bettyjpg12028885_522280981283068_6357191930682152901_oModinterview with betty


Today’s Toon: Kirk in Men’s Health

Had this idea a long time! Who wants a Spock one?

MH Slim like Jim

“Leonard Nimoy’s Torso” on Facebook

Hey Kids,

I started a silly page on Facebook yesterday.  It’s ‘Leonard Nimoy’s Torso’ celebrating the joy of Nimoy’s fine young physique 😉  (And a place to dump all those Patterns of Force pictures!)   It is a public group, but will only be public for a week (until September 16th).  If you’d like to join, open the link here:


most illogical

FArFri — The Romulan Commander by anotherminerva

One of my favorite characters of all time, the Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident.  TOS,   she whispered her name to Spock, which he found rare and beautiful.  In fan fiction, her name was revealed as  Liviana Charvanek, which is kind of pretty.  She just oozed cool, didn’t she?  From artist anotherminerva on DeviantArt.   Nice, I like that the artist added green lips!


FArFri – A Gallery of Nimoy/Spocks from Tafafa!

Hey Kids!

As you seen in previous FArFri , I’ve posted the work of artist Tafafa and her gorgeous renderings of Leonard Nimoy as himself and other characters.  Tafafa has admitted on her DeviantArt page that she’s totally fascinated with  Nimoy’s features, and aren’t we lucky that she captures him so beautifully?  As a Birthday Week Special, I’m posting a bunch of her Nimoy studies– from kid to Senior — Prepare to be blown away.  Enjoy!


Young Leonard seems to be channeling Alfred E. Neuman here!



Ah, Youth!


They Dynamic Duo — You’ve got to check out all her stuff!


This is remarkable not just for its intimacy, but for the way it portrays the pain of Pon Farr.


I love this one – it really captures his personality.


Young and Old!


Just too adorable!


With the wisdom of his years — his eyes look a little teary here. Stunning.


My Weekly Spock –“Sea Hunt” in his Birthday Suit (sort of)

Hey Kids,

Since this is Leonard Nimoy Birthday Week, I couldn’t think of a better way to start off than having Mr. Nimoy in his birthday suit…well, half of it!

Nimoy did eight episodes of the Lloyd Bridges series Sea Hunt.  Here’s screencaps from one of his most au natural appearances The Shipwreck (1958) Nimoy plays Vince, a newlywed trapped with his whiny wife, an old man, and Mike Nelson (Bridges) in a life raft without paddles for nearly a week at sea.  It gets pretty desperate, and Vince is a bit of a dope, but he has incredibly great hair blowing in the sea breeze, and lots of hairy chest goodness..


The rescue gets off to a good start as Vincent tears out of his wet shirt


Well, he won that wet tee contest…


He has…


amazingly floppy


HAIR, here.


Eek, ribcage!


Did I mention the hair?




“Look, there’s land!”


“Ah, we couldn’t reach it!”


You’ll just have to endure my chest hair…








I’m Hungry!


I’m too sexy for my shirt…


Too sexy for my shirt…


So sexy it hurts…


Did I mention the hair…


My wife’s mad at me for losing the fishing rod… and won’t let me touch her…


But Mike can’t resist me anymore!


I keep them happy with my Dracula impression…


I still have the best hair here…


Could I PLEASE have some Chapstick?


She forgave me when she remembered she couldn’t live without my chest hair…


My Weekly Spock – Personal Appearances

Hey Kids,

Mr. Nimoy made a lot of personal appearances in the 70’s, and here’s a typical 8×10 glossy from the chain store Two Guys.  I found this on the site plaidstallions.com which is the mother load of all things 70’s! (Especially bad fashion, but Leonard looks great here!)

nimoy Two guys


Hi All,

And I hope you’re all staying cool and comfortable wherever you are!  Think cool thoughts, keep hydrated, and please get into some air conditioning if you can. Here’s some pictures of cool things: