My Weekly Spock 7/2/12

The Secret Lives of Spock — A funny and clever compilation of multiple Spocks!  Found this online, and I love it!  Let’s see how many we can identify

Let’s see…David Bowie (as Ziggy Stardust) Spock as Avatar, Marilyn Monroe, Mad Max(?) Spock as a Simpson?, Magnum P.I. no idea, Fat Spock (Alfred Hitchcock?), Che Guevera Spock, Mickey Mouse Spock, Muppet Bert Spock, Zombie Spock (shudder!),Planet of the Spock Apes (Cornelius maybe?), Princess Leia-Spock, no idea, Conan O’Spock.   The joy of this is how easily Spock fits into all of these personas!   The last one is ironically not too differenf from how young Nimoy really looked (sans the red color!)See this:



My Daily Spock 5/30/12

Kisses Goodbye Week continues with a scene from the TV movie anthology, “Kiss Me Again, Stranger”.  with Juliet Mills as an evil murderess.

Funny thing about this movie, he played an ex-RAF pilot in 1940’s England, but I’m sorry, his hair was too long for this!  Now granted, he was a poor man, but I doubt there were any men in the 40’s (save for bums) who wore their hair this long! But what the heck!

See for yourself!

My Daily Spock — 5/29/12

One of the most romantic Spock moments ever, the pre-kiss kiss.  He kisses her quickly as if he might get stung, then decides it’s a good idea! Beautifully acted by Nimoy and Hartley.  Man when I was a teenager, this was my go-to rerun (it was on about 8 times a week, pre-VCR’s).   I wanted Spock to live happily ever after in the Sarpeodon Ice age!

By the way, today I celebrate the most romantic day in my life–My sweet husband and I have been married 19 years! 🙂 <3  Viva L’amour!

My Daily Spock 5/25/12

From Catlow — I was tempted to add my face over lucky Erika Lopez’s here, but that joke is getting old!                                                                                                         Besides, I didn’t want my beauty to distract from ol’ ‘Miller’ here! 😉 )