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Pepe LePew

Pepe was definitely one of of my favorite Looney Tunes ever.  Oh! The Romance!

New Category: My Favorite Things

I decided to make up this category today just to have a place to look at or acknowledge things I’ve always loved; Persons, Places, Things.   My interests go far beyond Star Trek and Mr. Nimoy.  Enjoy the variety.  -Therese.

Davy Jones – Gone Too Soon.

I heard today the very sad news that singer, actor,jockey, and former Monkee Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack in his home today, he was only 66.  Long before Davy was a Monkee, he was a child actor on British soap operas and played The Artful Dodger in Oliver! on Broadway.  Ironically, the night that The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, Davy was backstage with the cast of  Oliver! waiting to perform; little did he or the screaming hordes in the theater know that he’d become as idolized as Paul McCartney in just two years.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Davy perform with Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz  when they  did a Monkee reunion in 1996. It was a great show and you could see that Davy LOVED performing.   My sister and I had 7th row seats and at one point, Davy  walked up and down the side aisles, touching hands with fans. I found myself calling “Come here Davy!”  (just like a tween again).  Alas we were too far in the aisle, but man, what a fun show!  I recall it once said of Davy that “..if a fridge door opened, he’d do five minutes!” and I could just see him performing for the milk and mayonnaise.  He had one of the most unique, warm, yet seductive voices I’ve ever heard. Behold several of my favorites:

And here’s the funny scene from The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) where Davy sings  Girl at the school dance –looking a bit confused at the grunge influence,but so fun! The teachers are turned on and the students eventually realize that this guy was cool! (not the best quality, but the only copy I could find)

A commenter on YouTube wrote today: “A part of my childhood passed away today.”   I think many American women in my generation (1960’s) would sadly agree. Farewell Davy. Thanks for the joy.

My Daily Spock 2/29/12

Happy Leap Day!

My Daily Spock 2/28/12

From 1967 — Psychedelic, Man! (This is so typical of the era’s design!)

My Daily Spock 2/27/12

In a Tux! This seems a logical choice since the Oscars were last night… I recall when Nimoy and The Shat presented a couple of awards on the Oscars in 1987, it was a pretty bad sketch, but, they looked great!

My Daily Spock 2/24/12

Make-Up Test from 1964!  The model next to him is for comparison in complexion make-up (his is darker)

(Borrowed from  the excellent blog , “mystartrekscrapbook”  which I am not affiliated with)

My Daily Spock 2/23/12

A nice set shot.

My Daily Spock 2/22/12

What a shame this wasn’t made into a TV series, it would have been fun. Great suspense!

My Daily Spock 2/21/2012

Side Swept Spock! So Young and Innocent!  How could he have ever known in 1964 (when this was filmed) that it would affect the rest of his life? I wonder if he’s ever gone a whole day since 1969 without hearing the words “STAR TREK”  ( I really hope so!) Bless him.