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Happy Easter!

Easter 2013

FArFri “Star Trek” by Pulvis

Here’s a great piece by artist Pulvis on DeviantArt!   Definitely captures the bromance!star_trek_by_pulvis-d5vd0p5

Update: Spock Look-ALike Contest Entries Due APRIL 1st!

Hey kids, we still only have one entrant!  Hope we have at least two by the deadline!   Here’s all the information:

Happy 82nd Birthday Leonard Nimoy!

What’s good for the goose is good for…the other goose!

A Very Happy 82nd Birthday to Leonard Nimoy, with a special ‘SpocKollage’ just for you!      

With Love and Blessings from TrekkerScrapbook!

Nimoy 82 B-Day 2013

To see last years greeting, click here.

My Weekly Spock 3/25/13 -Birthdays Salute-Leonard & Bill, Good Friends

Since Last Friday was William Shatner’s Birthday, and tomorrow is Leonard Nimoy’s Birthday, it’s a good time to reflect on the nearly 50-year old friendship between these two actors.  Hard to believe they weren’t always this chummy, but nice to know that the real life counterparts of Kirk and Spock are just as close as their fictional characters.  When a dying Spock said to Kirk in ST:II “I have been and always will be your friend” it was from the heart. Their off screen friendship made their on-screen chemistry all the more believable; a joy we’ve had for nearly a 1/2 century.   Happy Birthday, Guys!



Reading Mad Magazine

Reading Mad Magazine Trek Satire


Trek Press Conference 1978

T.J. Hooker

T.J. Hooker


In Star Trek II

Spock's Death -Wah!

Spock Dying – -Wa-a-ah!

Beautiful Life Magazine Portrait with De Kelley

Beautiful Life Magazine Portrait with De Kelley


Trek III

Trek IV

Trek IV

oscars 87

Oscars 1987


1990’s Con Appearance

Horsing around

Horsing around

'Mind Meld' 2002

‘Mind Meld’

Old Pals

Old Pals





3/22/13– A Little Shatner Love! Happy 82nd Birthday William Shatner!

I have to confess, TrekkerScrapbook is often Spock/Nimoy-Centric.  But on a day like this one has to recall the joy and blessing of William Shatner! What a wonderful, funny, intense, caring, delightful and damned sexy actor! Man, Talk about Captain CHARMING!  That naughty smirk, that dash of hair across his brow, and those HAZEL EYES!!!! Lord have Mercy. They don’t make ’em like this anymore!

Honestly, can you imagine how different (and probably a LOT less fun) the Original Star Trek may have been WITHOUT him?  I know I’ve made fun of Kirk’s character a lot here, but I’ve always loved Bill Shatner!   I’ve included some of his funniest, sexiest, and most dramatic moments here. What a treasure.  He’ll always be the Captain of Our Hearts!

 A Very, Very Happy 82nd Birthday Bill! Just for you, a very special (and long overdue) “Kirk Kollage” ! 

With Love and Blessings from!

Bill Shatner 82 B-Day 2013

The Day I Met Captain Kirk. (or, Bill Shatner comes to Town)

In Honor of William Shatner’s 82nd Birthday today, it seemed a good time to post this!


Bill Shatner and I at the mini Creation Convention 2002

Bill Shatner came to speak locally here 11 years ago ( 11,already?) as he was already in the area to host a paintball tournament.  He was also the guest of honor at a mini-convention here sponsored by Creation Entertainment,  I was delighted to finally see the man in person again (since ’76) and this time with a decent camera!   He gave a great talk about his career, activities, and of course, Star Trek, and I’ve got to tell you, he’s one of funniest speakers I’ve ever heard; a natural comedian! It’s no wonder he often goes for offbeat roles.   He captivated the crowd from the moment he strode on stage, and even answered my question.  I asked “What do you love about being an actor, what do you hate about being an actor, and if you had the chance, would you go back to Broadway again?”  He said (approximately)  that he loved fleshing out characters, hated the long, boring periods of time waiting between takes, and that he actually did have the opportunity to come back to Broadway in a revival of UrineTown: The Musical as the evil President, but that working in NYC would be too hectic.  By the way, this was not too long before he became the immortal Denny Crane on Boston Legal and the spokesman for Priceline, and his star’s been pretty much continuing to soar ever since.  He’s really an amazing person, and I’m so glad I got to meet and get my picture taken with him.  My only complaint was,  of course, how much  different from my meeting with Nimoy was 25  years earlier — the main difference being economic. True, the 1970’s were simpler times; celebrity events weren’t so tightly regulated, and I got  Mr. Nimoy’s (personal) autograph for free, not the pricey amount required to have an autograph and photo with Bill. One could actually visit and speak with Mr. Nimoy too, but unfortunately,  Creation made it verboten to speak with Mr. Shatner.  (I sneaked in quick sentence while standing in front of his table anyway, passing him a personal letter with pictures of my kids dressed as Captain Kirk,  and at the site of the  pictures of my boys, he said “How Sweet!”). Yet despite the pricetag, it still was worth it, and I gotta tell you, when the photographer sat me next to him for the picture, I really just wanted to give him a  big hug, but I kept my composure, just leaning in as closely as allowed. Bill, if you’re reading this, you won’t remember me, but I must say, it was a pleasure just to glance into those hazel eyes.  The man’s adorable, and like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going!  Happy Birthday, Sir! And many, many more!

The photos of my (then) toddler sons in their Kirk gear. I presented these to Bill in the autograph line; he got a kick out of them

The photos of my (then) toddler sons in their Kirk gear. I presented these to Bill in the autograph line; he got a kick out of them

The Daily Scrapbook 3/22/13 (August,1978) Starlog Magazine From the Bridge of the Enterprise”

Here’s today’s flashback: From an August 8, 1978, Starlog Magazine their monthly update on the set making the Trek movie.   I gotta say, the black and white picture I saw in a previous article didn’t have me too thrilled about the new Starfleet uniforms, and seeing the color pictures in this article had me even less thrilled.  Gray and Beige Uniforms?  Ugh!  How non-original technicolor dream Star Trek uniform could you get? Even the cast doesn’t look too happy in these shots, maybe they sensed something wasn’t quite right… Well, at least it was nice to see that The Enterprise bridge would have a ceiling! Dig the very hairy disco dudes in the background of the first picture! V2-018AV2-018B

The Daily Scrapbook 3/21/13 Nimoy in Star Magazine October 1978

Here’s today’s Flashback:  From October of 1978, a full page article from the tabloid The Star featuring Nimoy in an article written by future host of  ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’, Robin Leach.  Nimoy talks about filming the Star Trek picture, and comes off as a family man who’s thoroughly convinced that there’s life in outer space.  I recall being thrilled to see these color home pictures and even a little surprised that you could clearly see his house number in the rose pruning picture. I’m sure today that would have been pixeled out.  Wonder what that wooden game that is that he and Sandi are toying with?  Maybe he made it.

V2-017 Full

Wideo Wednesday–It’s a Beautiful Morning!

Happy First Day of Spring Everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere)!   It’s a Beautiful Morning!