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Today’s Toon “Flipside”

It’s time for Uhura to sue the quartermaster… 

FlipsideIn case you’re wondering, this is an actual still from Star Trek! (From Balance of Terror) I only adjusted Kirk’s side of the picture to have him looking to his right!  I bet Nichelle hated that uniform!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Re-posting this from 2012 — Have a Lucky Day!

St Patrick 2012


My Weekly Spock – Nimoy the Director

For this weeks fix, here’s Leonard in one of his other favorite professions: Directing! Seen here directing Star Trek III, Star Trek IVThree Men and a Baby and Funny About Love (with Gene Wilder).  The lesson in all this? Always do what you love! 

nimoy_directs_tsfs ST_III_nimoy_nichols_1 ST_III_nimoy_nichols_2 tumblr_lbw8ia30dF1qac0gj tumblr_lci1k3q1tg1qbkiiu tumblr_lcvy3nVa2Z1qac0gj tumblr_n03grlCUQT1qmtfp8o5_1280B212 Leonard-Nimoy-Tom-Selleck-Steve-Guttenberg-Three-Men-and-a-Babypicture-of-leonard-nimoy-in-funny-about-love-1990--large-picturepicture-of-leonard-nimoy-and-gene-wilder-in-funny-about-love-large-picture-william-shatner-839308453

FArFri: One Million Lines by HapticMimesis

Here’s an incredible piece by  HapticMimesis  on DeviantArt.  It really expresses well the emotional connections between Dr. McCoy, Spock, Earth, and Sky.   Beautiful.


Winter Storm “Vulcan” Ends its Wrath…

So, the past few days another in the latest line of snow storms passed over these contiguous 48 states, and as I check in on The Weather Channel occasionally, I see they’ve continued their silly practice of naming these winter storms. (The NOAA does not smile on this).  Indeed, there’s been so many winter storms this season that their list was up to the ‘V’s.

Anyway, as silly as it is that Weather Channel names these storms, I’m sure Trek fans nationwide smiled as this one was named ‘Winter Storm VULCAN’.

As the storm diminished yesterday, meteorologist Kelly Cass and storm specialist Carl Parker chatted about the storm, and as they threw it over to their man Mark Eliot to explain the forecast.  Mark  threw out the Vulcan Peace Sign saying (approximately) “You can give it the Vulcan wave goodbye!”

The next storm they’ll name will begin with W.  You think it might be “William” after Bill Shatner? 😉  Here’s some screen caps I caught.  Note the little sidebars about “The Wrath of Vulcan”, The End of Vulcan”, and “Vulcan Packs the Powder” — there’s a JJ Abrams sequel somewhere in those titles!IMG_8710


Mark Eliot gives the Vulcan Peace Sign

Kind of odd they named it Vulcan, since Vulcans aren’t fond of cold! It would be a great name for a summer heatwave though!

Storm brewing

Wideo Wednesday (a day late) “Star Trek Into Darkness-An Honest Trailer

I would have posted this yesterday, but the battery died on my computer and we had to re-start and re-install everything!!!

This is a scream! Star Trek: Into Darkness as interpreted by the very funny YouTube  page  “Screen Junkies” who make “Honest Trailers”!

#40 “Mirror, Mirror”

Definitely one of my favorite episodes!  Wish they could have gone back to it in the Original Series.  There was a comic book sequel  (‘Fragile Glass” 1997) that satisfied the question “What happened after Bad Kirk came back?”

40 Mirror Mirror(click on image to enlarge)