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April 30

I’m 52 today! 🙂  And I’d like to take this time to thank all my readers and subscribers.  If I can bring a little joy and levity into your lives, that’s all I ever hope for! Thanks for your time and patronage, Therese

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Toon Tuesday 4/30/13 “The Proposal”

Don’t do it, Areel! He’s the Don Draper of outer space!Proposal

The Daily Scrapbook 4/29/13 -January 1979 Nimoy article from US magazine

Here’s today’s flashback: from January 1979, a rare article from Us Magazine (the rival to People) about Nimoy somewhat literally spreading his wings,and apparently still fighting the Spock Identification.  As usual, the author  of this piece has little respect Spock or Trek, describing Spock as ‘green-skinned and bat-eared’

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My Weekly Spock 4/29/13 — More Bizarre Leaf Trading Cards

As I pointed out the other week, the first Star Trek bubble gum cards were produced by the Leaf company in 1967 — and they were a pretty bizarre collection.  Loaded with rehearsal outtake photos with odd titles and truly false plot summaries, the Leaf cards obviously didn’t take Trek too seriously. Spock becomes everything from a senator to a teeny-bopper!  Here’s some more Crazy–enjoy!

FArFri 4/26/13 Star Trek TOS Old Days, by athew

This week’s art, ‘Old Days’ by artist Athew on Deviant Art — A nice rendition of  Kirk and Spock in “The City on the Edge of Forever”   Athew is a great comic artist, although I think he goes a little too far into the “Spirk” (Kirk/Spock) slash elements.  But this is really nice.


The Daily Scrapbook: 4/26/13 (Dec 1978) NYT Review of …Body Snatchers and its Trek Connection

Hi Kids, here’s today’s flashback:  From 1978, a long and insightful review of Invasion of the Body Snatchers from the New York Times,  as well as my ticket stub from the local Oakdale Mall Multiplex (it had three cinemas in it, imagine that!)  I believe my ticket was (for the time) an exorbitant $1.75!  The review points out a connection between director Philip Kaufman and Star Trek — apparently he was the first one tapped to make the Trek movie back in the early ’70’s, but was switched when the budget kept getting bigger.  (A shame too, because I think the first movie would have been SO MUCH BETTER under Kaufman’s tutelage).  Kaufman puts in a good word for Nimoy here, whom he sort of used as ‘revenge’ for not being the Trek director.  Also here’s a few other little tidbits, including a listing for a repeat broadcast of ‘Baffled‘ on TV (I’m sure I watched it, still lamenting that it wasn’t made into a series) V2-028AComplete V2-028A-E Fulljpg

Today’s Toon: Jim and Bones in “Corridor Commotion”

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