Hat-tily Ever After

Starting today, Great Britain and the United Kingdom began celebrating the remarkable and historic 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor. The Queen is a strong and caring monarch, and has done her job with honor for the most part in her seven decade reign. She is truly amazing and greatly loved.

In honor of Her Majesty’s personal milestone, I started creating this collage about 2 months ago. I was going to originally call this piece “She Never Lost a Hat”, but the above title was a good pun on the fairy tale aspect of her life.

And this is just a fraction of the magnificent millinery she’s worn over the years!

I have a cute story about The Queen. Wa-a-a-a-ay back in the before-time of 1986, I was living in London on a 6 month student work permit. (I also went because I had a beau there at the time). Anyway, one night after work I was in Victoria Station when I noticed crowds gathering near one of the terminals.

“What’s going on?”

“The Queen will be coming through at any time to catch the train north!” (to Balmoral in Scotland)

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t miss this. So I scooted down the stretch where her special car would be passing. I intentionally went al-l-l-l the way to the very end of the line facing the route so I’d be sure to see her. Of course, this was years before cell phones became a reality, so I couldn’t get a picture. Yet I like to think my experience as delightfully my own, and my memory of the next moment is ingrained in my memory stronger than any photo!

Soon there came her special black limousine with its tall windows which allowed easy viewing (if lack of privacy) to its Royal cargo, the miniature Queen’s Standard flapping from its roof. And just as she was about to pass me at the end, I didn’t just wave; I jumped into the air, my arms thrown out wide in greeting. Thankfully she was facing my side of the route. She was dressed in bright yellow, and in the millisecond of my enthusiastic greeting, I saw her just a touch taken aback, nodded with a small smile and gave me her famous queenly wave!

And that wave was all mine, because I was the only one left in line to wave at, so I’ll always treasure that!

Congratulations Ma’am! Long Live the Queen! *

*Of course, Prince Charles is next in line. But I wish some way the family could just give the Monarchy to Princess Anne, the Princess Royal. She would make a great queen.

Been a While! How’s Your Summer?

Hey Kids,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve been working on many projects at home, plus work,¬† as well as having a great trip to NYC this past weekend! I will be posting more Trek stuff soon and I just wanted to let you know I’m still here!

While in NY, I visited the Modern Museum of Art (MOMA) and if you ever get the chance to see it, it’s wonderful! Here I am with Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World; a painting that has fascinated me since childhood.

Hope you’re having a nice summer, what have you been up to? ūüôā

Weather Alert -Please read

Hi All,

As you may have heard, Hurricane Sandy is moving up the east coast this weekend and¬† We’re expecting a lot of rain for the next 4 days or so with the bulk of it on Monday and Tuesday. (Especially if the the storm curls left into New York State, where I live).

I encourage all of my readers, especially if they live on the east cost to please prepare for the effects of this storm.¬†¬† I probably won’t be posting live for a few days next week depending on the severity of the storm and how it may affect my area, but that’s trivial compared to the real life complications this storm may cause. (I will have a couple of scheduled posts)¬† Please be prepared and safe wherever you are, it might be a good idea to get some extra provisions today.¬† If you’re in a highly threatened area, be sure you have a disaster supply kit

There’s more info on weather.com ¬†

Stay safe!  See you next week (probably live on Thursday) -Therese

I’m Back, Baby!

Hey Kids!¬† I’m back after taking a little break for the summer and looking forward to sharing new Trek and other silly stuff with you!¬†¬† I am rested, refreshed, and happy to report that I have lost 4 pounds to date! (My Wii pedometer really helped!) Slow but steady loses the weight.

You’ll be getting your weekly dose of Nimoy/Spock on Mondays, selections from my original ’70s Trek Scrapbooks Monday through Friday, and more Trek and non-Trek stuff sprinkled throughout.¬† Hope to hear from you in the comments, and it’s nice to be back!

Happy Autumn, Everyone! -Therese

I’m taking some time off. An unpaid Sabbatical for my mind.

Hey kids,¬† I’ll be taking a break from posting here on my site.¬† I expect I’ll be back on a more regular basis in a few months. I’m not doing this because I hate it or have become bored. ¬† But I have to spent more time¬† concentrating on my main goal (losing weight), and I need to get out into the real world more, not to mention spend more quality time with my family.¬† I’ve been writing this blog for a little over a year now, and started it on a lark, but as fun as it is, it doesn’t pay any bills¬† and can become more time consuming than I’d hope for.¬† You can still contact me through the site’s email¬†¬† (trekkerscrabbook@gmail.com) if have any comments or questions.¬† But for now, Enjoy the Summer!!¬† Get Outside! Turn off your Computer! Move! Have some fun with your friends, family, and the rest of the world! ¬† See you in the fall.¬† With love and blessings, Therese

Wish I could afford to to somewhere like this! But the local pool will do…


Hi All!

Hey kids,¬†¬† We’re coming down the wire for the end of school, it is only 6 days away! That’s early for my area, but the kids had no snow days this year, only two ‘flood’ days at the beginning after the remnants of Hurricane Lee swept through.¬†¬† It’s a busy time, and I’m off again to NYC this Sunday for a Mad Men Finale Party so I haven’t had much time for posting.¬† However, I just started a tumblr blog last week and please be sure to check it out! It has a lot of my favorite things on it, and I’ve named it Tess’s Tresses.¬† I’m also working for my old movie reviews for Basket of Kisses, and I hope you’ll check these out too! I’m also finishing the¬† latest in my Star Trek Movie Poster series that you’ll be seeing next week, and Weekly Spock on Monday,¬† so stay tuned! I haven’t forgotten you!

Heard in Passing…

Tonight I was out for a walk with my¬† mid-teenage son, and we were coming upon what appeared to be a sweet family scene.¬† In a half-moon street with a¬† round patch of grass at its center, a family of five playing kickball. The Dad was pitching, two sons at first & second and their daughter (about 6) at third. The Mom was complaining about the Dad’s pitches, saying that they weren’t centered.¬† The Dad kept saying “I spunning it, I spunning it!” (Interesting grammar, there).¬† No matter, they were having fun, and it was good to see a family out playing on a weeknight.

Then just as we were passing, the Mom  kicked the ball between  second and third,  the kids went running and the Dad caught the Mom as she headed for 1st.

She shouted “That’s interference!¬† F*** YOU!”

So much for the early  Spring idyll.

Now, I truly appreciate her frustration over the moment, but¬† it saddens me that ‘F’-Bombs’ have become so common in public language, especially parents in front of their kids.¬† What a horrible example. ¬† I’m not asking people to stop swearing*, but I only wish that people would remember their environment when they have the urge to curse. Especially in public.¬† Will mankind ever outgrow swearing? Probably not. But I truly hope we won’t outgrow courtesy.

*It actually helps when you injure yourself to use real swear words