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I started this blog in 2011, and have filled it with my clippings, anecdotes and art related to the original series of Star Trek.  So far I have posted entries from my three original Star Trek scrapbooks (hence the blog title) that I collected in the 1970’s.  I do have a fourth scrapbook somewhere but haven’t found it yet!  You may have noticed that my blog is somewhat Spock/Nimoy centric 😉 , since I’ve been in love with the man for 40 years now!  I hope you’re enjoying it and I hope you will explore the many different categories. I am especially fond of my original ‘StarTreKomics‘ that I post from time to time, and I also have been working on a series of Star Trek Posters that present the original 79 episodes as old style movie posters, among other things.  There is also ‘My Weekly Spock’ segment every Monday that presents one or  photos of Nimoy as Spock, himself, or as the many other characters he’s played. (for more pics, see my original version ‘My Daily Spock‘)  Often on Wednesdays I have Wideo Wednesday where I post a fun video of whatever strikes my fancy (sometimes Trek) Every Friday I have FArFri, which stands for ‘Fan Art Friday’ where I  showcase the unique and marvelous Star Trek art I have found on the net.

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Leonard Nimoy has COPD

Leonard Nimoy at presentation of "Vincent" on June 15th, 2013 Original Photo by Therese Bohn.

Leonard Nimoy at presentation of “Vincent” on June 15th, 2013
Original Photo by Therese Bohn. (me)

Last night Mr. Nimoy tweeted the following:

COPD is the following:

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary (PULL-mun-ary) disease, is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe. “Progressive” means the disease gets worse over time.

COPD can cause coughing that produces large amounts of mucus (a slimy substance), wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and other symptoms.

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of COPD. Most people who have COPD smoke or used to smoke. Long-term exposure to other lung irritants—such as air pollution, chemical fumes, or dust—also may contribute to COPD.

Sad to hear this, although not too surprised.  I recall Mr. Nimoy had a awful coughing fit during the above appearance, and he was brought water which helped.  Unfortunately there is no cure, but at least there are treatments and lifestyle changes can help one feel better, stay more active, and slow the progress of the disease.

I was a little surprised that Mr. Nimoy announced this problem publicly, but I suspect he knows his fans, and like a good Dad, (or Grandpa, as he wants his fans to call him) he wants his ‘family’ to know.    He knows he won’t live forever, and in his grace, he’s letting us down gently.

I have no doubt that Mr. Nimoy knows how much he is LOVED by so many people around the world, and how happy he has made so many of us.  Sir, if your reading this, we send you our love and prayers, and best wishes for a comfortable, healthier existence.  May you truly Live Long and Prosper.  Many hugs and thanks “Grandpa” Love, Therese

New Category – “Hey, That Guy was on Star Trek!” (Gambit-1966)

Hey Kids,

I’m an avid classic movie buff and my go-to station on cable is TCM (Turner Classic Movies).   Often I’ll be watching a old flick and suddenly I’ll think,  “Hey! Wasn’t that guy on Star Trek?” Depending on the movie there could be anywhere from 1 to a half dozen or more character actors we’d recognize from Trek. Of course they did a lot of TV too! The casting directors of Trek always found the best actors they could use for the series, many who were seasoned professionals.  It’s fun to see them in their other roles, and nice to know that they were well employed! Here we go…


It’s Gambit! (Universal 1966) that has FIVE Star Trek guests peppered into its cast…


Michael Caine as Harry, with his assistant Emile (John Abbott) who we knew on Star Trek as Ayelborne (Errand of Mercy)


At the airport, he meets Harry Mudd! (Roger C. Carmel as Ram)


The assistant to the rich guy they’re stealing from is Kodos the Executioner! (Arnold Moss as Abdul)


The pretty lady selling him lighter fluid is…


…(a fully clothed) Kara, the dancing girl! (Tanya Lemani) from Wolf in the Fold

And finally, when Nicole (Shirley MacLaine) tries to escape, the agent (right) at the airport is Jo Jo Kracko! (Vic Tayback) from A Piece of the Action.

Gambit was a fun movie and I recommend it for a good escape. See you next time on “Hey,That Guy was on Star Trek!”

Actress, Trek Guest Star, Sarah Marshall (Dr. Janet Wallace) Passes

I just read that actress Sarah Marshall passed away on January 18th.  Trekkies remember her as Dr. Janet Wallace in the Star Trek episode The Deadly Years. Another of her famous roles was as the mother in the classic, suspenseful Twilight Zone episode “Little Girl Lost”Born in Britain, Ms. Wallace made her film debut in The Long Hot Summer.  As Janet Wallace on Trek, she flirted and fretted over the rapidly aging Captain Kirk, and I admire her for wearing what have been an awfully uncomfortable burlap pink and yellow pantsuit in that episode!

Alas, she was only 80, and sadly died from stomach cancer. She’s survived by her husband and son.  May she rest in peace.   l leave you with these stills of this lovely actress.


Film Debut in The Long Hot Summer


Sarah, with actor Robert Sampson in “Little Girl Lost” on The Twilight Zone


Publicity Still, 1961


As Dr. Janet Wallace, in Star Trek (The Deadly Years)

thedeadlyyearshd0209 thedeadlyyearshd0233 thedeadlyyearshd0235

Wideo Wednesday – Remembering Peter Seeger

Pete’s famous banjo – it reads “This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces It to Surrender.”

Sad to see that the compassionate folk singer Pete Seeger passed away on Monday.  He was always one of my favorite performers and a truly great American.  Pete lived strong every day of his 94 years, performing to the end, and never missing an opportunity to speak out for justice for the common man.  He gave hope to what we’ve been, and what we can become.  I hope his legacy of  compassion will endure and grow in future generations, and remind people that it is never wrong to question authority.  Pete often asked his audience to sing along, and sometimes we all need to sing, it makes our world a better place. Feel free to sing along with some of these, his most revered works.  Farewell Pete, and Thank You.   <3

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?                                                                   

We Shall Overcome

Here’s a great recording of my favorite, If I Had a Hammer                            

Goodnight Irene (with The Weavers)

The iconic – Turn Turn Turn (famously covered by The Byrds)                   

My Weekly Spock 1/20/14 -Nimoy in Patchwork on Mike Douglas (PHOTOS)

Hey Kids, I’m back!  Feeling much better now, thanks for your patience. Now, here as promised a while back – a bunch of nice stills from Leonard’s appearance on The Mike Douglas Show in 1973– in that glorious blue denim patchwork suit! Pretty “in-your-face”, really! Douglas himself , in his awful brown polyester, is in awe of it. And you can see that he gets “the ear question” from little Mason as he motions around his famous ears!
Enjoy, and good to be back, Therese