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The Eyes Have It; The Cosmic Cosmetics of Trek

Jeepers Creepers! Apparently, Cover Girl and Maybelline still sell in the  23rd century!  You gotta give make up director Fred Phillips credit for creating truly cosmic eye make-up for the ladies (and many men) of TOS.  Here’s a review; be sure to click on thumbnails for full size image:

Sunday Afternoon Movie “Where the Boys Are.” (1960)

Here’s  the next in my Sunday Afternoon Movie series: Where the Boys Are (1960).  Some squeaky clean teens frolic in Fort Lauderdale on Spring Break.    One of the first movies to openly mention the possibility of  s-e-x between college kids.  I admit, I LOVE the fashion of this era; neat and sharp (if a little restrictive), the apex of mid-century style before everything went crazy a few years later. This was just four years before Beatlemania hit, I imagine it would have been much less coy had it been made just a few years later. But even in its innocence, it was a million times better than the awful 1984 remake (which glorified the college girls as trashy types).  There’s something sweet (if rarely realistic) about girls wanting to retain their virginity. And ironically, the star of the movie, Delores Hart, would enter a cloistered convent only a couple years after this movie, she’s a Mother Superior today.  (and please don’t believe all you read in these captions!) You can read my review here.   Note: I accidentally posted this twice before — it’s finished now!


Here’s a funny product!  (Don’t forget to put your SPOCKS on!) -Thanks Greg! spocks

FArFri 11/2/12

It’s been a long week (with concerns about Sandy and such) So here’s some pretty for today! A while back, I discovered a site called Doll Divine which features multiple interfaces where one can create all types of pretty model ‘dolls’.   The one game on the site is  Erte Elegance where you create dolls in the style of the great Art Deco artist Erte (with lots of swags and fru-fru’s)  I started playing with the interface, and before long, I was recreating Star Trek’s most lovely women (Terran and Otherwise) in this most elegant style!  Here the first  several of my efforts –Vina from “The Cage” in her rags, damsel-in-distress gown, Talosian dress, picnic outfit, and of course, as a Green Orion Slave Girl! Note: Obviously these are variations on the original theme, for you are limited to the templates of the game and profile position of the model, but these are fanciful versions of the Trek Costumes as Erte may have  interpreted them.  I’m proudest of the ‘damsel’ gown, as I managed to recreate a facsimile of the fancy frock that Vina wore, complete with dark gold underskirt.  (There are many options for patterned fabric and skirt layering)  I’ll post some more of my other Trek ladies in the future.  Enjoy, and have a restful weekend! And check out this site, it’s fun! – Therese

I Got Me A Tumbr Account

If anyone’s interested, I started a tumblr account the other week.  It’s a great place to display pictures of all sorts of things that one likes. My page is called ‘Tess’s Tresses”.   You’ll see all my StarTreKomics there for one thing, and lots of other stuff like Beatles and pretty flowers.   Nothing creepy, just a happy place.  Enjoy, and here’s the picture I modified for my home page.  (colorized Gibson Girls).  Be sure to press the archive button to see a map of everything I’ve posted!

The original and my modification

Davy Jones – Gone Too Soon.

I heard today the very sad news that singer, actor,jockey, and former Monkee Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack in his home today, he was only 66.  Long before Davy was a Monkee, he was a child actor on British soap operas and played The Artful Dodger in Oliver! on Broadway.  Ironically, the night that The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, Davy was backstage with the cast of  Oliver! waiting to perform; little did he or the screaming hordes in the theater know that he’d become as idolized as Paul McCartney in just two years.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Davy perform with Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz  when they  did a Monkee reunion in 1996. It was a great show and you could see that Davy LOVED performing.   My sister and I had 7th row seats and at one point, Davy  walked up and down the side aisles, touching hands with fans. I found myself calling “Come here Davy!”  (just like a tween again).  Alas we were too far in the aisle, but man, what a fun show!  I recall it once said of Davy that “..if a fridge door opened, he’d do five minutes!” and I could just see him performing for the milk and mayonnaise.  He had one of the most unique, warm, yet seductive voices I’ve ever heard. Behold several of my favorites:

And here’s the funny scene from The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) where Davy sings  Girl at the school dance –looking a bit confused at the grunge influence,but so fun! The teachers are turned on and the students eventually realize that this guy was cool! (not the best quality, but the only copy I could find)

A commenter on YouTube wrote today: “A part of my childhood passed away today.”   I think many American women in my generation (1960’s) would sadly agree. Farewell Davy. Thanks for the joy.

My Daily Spock 2/17/2012

Sex. On. A. Stick.

I’d like to thank the writer of “Patterns Of Force” (John Meredyth Lucas)  for finally letting Spock show a little beefcake.  (And very lean beef at that.)  Happy Friday, Everyone. Until Monday.