Rigoletto Looks Awfully Familiar…

This weekend, our local Opera company, Tri-Cities Opera is presenting their first opera of the season —Rigoletto.   I’d love to see it if I had the time (and money) yet, oddly, the thing that struck me immediately about its poster art was the main character.   Does anyone else see an old Leonard Nimoy under the clown makeup here? (Blue eyes notwithstanding)

Rigoletto Carousel Ad Small

#59 The Paradise Syndrome

As I finished this, I realized I had subconsciously made a couple of pyramids; or more accurately, teepees.  The three Kirks here form a triangle, and Earth Mother Miramanee forms a loving triangle around her beloved Kirok.  🙂

Of course the great triangular obelisk lurks in the background; that must have cost a pretty penny for a big prop that would only be used once!

I think Sabina Scharf was gorgeous as Miramanee, even if her skirt was inaccurately short!

59 The Paradise Syndrome