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My Weekly Spock: Happy New Year Smiling Spock-tacular!

Hey Kids,

No matter what this new year brings, you gotta start your day with a smile!  Here’s some previously unseen out-take Spock smiles from the new blu-ray The Roddenberry Vault! (I got it for Christmas! Will review soon!)  Wishing you all a blessed and healthy new year! Love, Therese

img_1299 img_1300 img_1301 img_1302 img_1309 img_1310 img_1311


My Weekly Spock – That Friendly Smile

Something that always makes me happy is seeing a great picture of Leonard smiling.  He had such a warm, genuine smile.  Weren’t we lucky he was a public figure? 🙂 For the rest of this year, I’ll post a pic of smiling Leonard every week!

My Weekly Spock: This Was a Happy Man

Reviewing pictures of Leonard — This was a happy man.  I mean, sure, we all have problems and can’t be happy all the time, but so often you can see the genuine joy Leonard possessed in many candids and portraits.


Joy at a personal appearance

He clearly  loved his work, his family, his fans, and his life.  His smile was infectious and images of him laughing or smiling always bring me joy!


Joyous to be Spock again in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

newspaperboys club

Happy reminiscing as a former paperboy at a Boston function. (1960’s)

My Weekly Spock: Some Seventies Shots

Here a couple of nice ones from the 70’s — always happy to find new ones!
smile smile2

My Weekly Spock: Happy Paris!

Since Paris seemed so somber and serious last week,  I thought we should see his happy side too! See, spying isn’t all bad! (But that Brillo beard has got to go!)

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My Weekly Spock 10/15/12 — Shaggy Seventies Smiles

Some Swell Shaggy Seventies Smiles! So often he was posed so seriously, it’s great to see him with that million-dollar grin. And that hair!  The first two are from an auto show.   Theo fourth is backstage, (I think from The King and I) the fifth is on a very windy day and the last has one funkadelic shirt!

Happy Birthday Trekker Scrapbook!

Guess what kids?  Today, June 10th, is the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Trekker Scrapbook!   May our members increase and may I never stop creating! Here’s to the new year!




I’m off to NYC today, will be back tomorrow night!  Weekly Spock will be up Tuesday! Ciao!