HAPPY 83rd BIRTHDAY, LEONARD NIMOY! (A Special TreKomic just for you!)

Well, Kids, it took a little longer than expected, but I’m still 20 minutes inside March 26th!

Happy 83rd Birthday Leonard!!!!

Your life so far has been amazing, and we fans are so thankful for the joy, excitement, and inspiration you have blessed us with all these years! Hope this Birthday was the best ever for you yet, and that you may continue to Live Long and Prosper!  We Love you’  “Grandpa”!   Peace and Long Life to You! Love, Therese and all of my readers here at Trekker Scrapbook!

By the way,  I think McCoy is gonna pay for this:   Enjoy! Lights Out

It’s Leonard’s Birthday!

Hey Kids — I haven’t forgotten what today is–Leonard is 83!   In fact, I’ve been working on a TreKomic for much of today, but it’s so BIG I’m going to have to re-size it!  Thanks for your patience and I hope to have it up before today is through!  Here’s a nice pic of our favorite fellah for now in his tender teenage years! Happy Birthday Sir!



Happy Belated Birthday, Bill! (Bill Shatner 83 on 3/22)

Our fellow scrapper Corylea gently pointed out to me that last Saturday was Bill Shatner’s Birthday!   I knew this somewhere in the back of my brain, but I’ve been very busy lately with work and projects.  So without further adieu, Happy Belated 83rd Birthday to our sweet Captain Charming!  Love ya, Bill! 83 bill bday

(I’ll get your weekly dose of Spock up later today 🙂 )