13 Times The Animated Star Trek Mimicked the Original

Lately I’ve been reacquainting myself with the animated Star Trek series (TAS -1973-4).  I remember being a 12-year old and excited that my favorite show was being brought back (at least in animation) and that maybe the Enterprise could finally finish its five year mission!  For the most part, it was pretty good, I only wished I had a color TV to watch it on!                                                         Anyway, recently I’ve seen a few episodes on Netflix and it really seemed all new to me again, as I hadn’t since the early 70’s.  I was taken by the lovely backgrounds and the simple, but accurate way the animation captured the faces and subtle nuances of the original actors. (Can a cartoon male be handsome? You bet!).  But something that also stood out for me was how the series often mimicked the original (TOS) in angles and style; the creators at Filmation clearly did their homework as you’ll see in these examples.   Lets’ start with some opening Enterprise shots. The makers of the series did a beautiful job recreating the ship.  There’s much more detail in the orbital images than the character scenes, but it’s lovely.  Rotoscoping anyone? thejihadcatspaw                                                                                      magikscage-12





The Enterprise in its animated form: Top: Orbital views from ‘The Jihad’ and ‘Catspaw’ Center: Clever rotoscoping seen in “The Magicks fo Megus-Tu” taken from “The Cage”. Bottom: Shoulder view of the Enterprise in ‘The Terratin Incident’ and “Who Mourns for Adonais?”

But wait, there’s more.  There were several detail and character scenes that were clearly influenced by the original (if sometimes with subtlety):

Scotty in a shaft in "Once Upon a Planet" and in the Jeffries Tube in "The Naked Time".

Scotty in a shaft in “Once Upon a Planet” and in the Jeffries Tube in “The Naked Time”.

Digital time panel in "The Counter-Clock Incident" and "The Naked Time"

Digital time panel in “The Counter-Clock Incident” and “The Naked Time”

Eyebrow City - Lara from 'The Jihad' and Zora from "The Savage Curtain"

Eyebrow City – Lara from ‘The Jihad’ and Zora from “The Savage Curtain”

Ready for my super close-up: Magna in 'The Time Trap' and Sirah in "The Omega Glory"

Ready for my super close-up: Magna in ‘The Time Trap’ and Sirah in “The Omega Glory”


They HAD to do this one! Kirk’s booted feet with tribbles in “More Tribbles, More Troubles”, and in “The Trouble with Tribbles”

In Once Upon a Planet, the Enterprise crew visits the amusement park planet again as they did in Shore Leave – so of course Alice and the White Rabbit are there, but then there’s a clear reference to Catspaw, when a giant cat menaces the crew from a doorway:once-shorejpg onceshore once-capspaw

Another  revisited character was Harry Mudd – this time in Mudd’s Passion, peddling love potion to Nurse Chapel in her eternal quest for Spock’s affections.  Here, he offers her pills, just as he did to his ‘cargo’ in Mudd’s Women: muddspassionwomenjpg

Finally, this one surprised me the most: In Albatross, Nurse Chapel checks on  sleeping patient Kol-Tai in practically the same angle she checks in on a sleeping Spock in Amok Timealbatross-amokjpg

Well, this was a fun visit to the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth (modern kids don’t know what they were missing!)  If anyone here knows of any more similarities between TAS and TOS, let me know! I’ll post them!

Next Time: The Backdrops of TAS.

#43 The Trouble with Tribbles

I’ve been grinding out a bunch of these Trek movie posters lately!  For the next few weeks you’ll see new ones every Tuesday and Thursday!  I made a variation of Kirk in the Tribbles here; his body from one scene and his head from the moment he says “WHERE?” to Scotty. Also it seemed only right to throw Koloth into the mix.

Enjoy, and let me know how you like them!   I’m up to # 50 now!

43 The Trouble with Tribbles

The Daily Scrapbook: 6/11/12 Poster for local showing of ‘Tribbles’

Here’s today’s flashback: From October 1979, a slap-dash poster from the halls of a local community college showing ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’.   As I recall back in the day, our local  ABC-TV affiliate station showed Star Trek on Monday through Friday’s at 6:00, and occasionally they’d loan out their  copies (on film-stock) to local  showcases.   But this wasn’t a local loan, I see that the poster has “Clem Williams Films. Inc” in the lower left hand corner, which was a distributor of 16mm films (in the era before VHS took over)  and the school must have rented it from them.  I recall my sister and her beau drove me out to the college so I could watch it! (wasn’t that nice?)  Oh sure, I could see it anytime on TV, but to see it on a big screen?  Bring it on.


More Scrapbook coming soon!

Hey kids,  I’ll be posting more bits form my old Trek scrapbooks very soon, so stay tuned!  I just finished scanning all of my second (of 4) scrapbooks today, and that took me two days!  Then I have to adjust and crop each page and article too so it looks right and ordered here.   Soon I’ll be scanning  Volume 3 ,and I know Volume 4 is around here somewhere, so eventually I’ll have all of them up.  Thanks so much for your patronage and nice comments, I aim to please.  After going through piles of Trek memorabilia—sometimes I feel like Kirk in this scene…

The Daily Scrapbook: 3/15/13 The Complete Script for The Trouble With Tribbles!

Here’s today’s flashback: From September of 1978, a READ Magazine from my High School English class which astonishingly reprints the entire screenplay from The Trouble with Tribbles! We read this aloud in class, (can’t remember which part I was) I like the sketchy illustrations within recreating the episode.   thrill for me of course since I could probably recite it by rote! Also, anyone remember GRIT newspaper? (Earn $5-$10 easy a week!)  I always wondered why a supposed ‘family paper’ had such a scuzzy name! V2-016A - CopyV2-016BV2-016CV2-016DV2-016EV2-016FV2-016GV2-016H+IV2-016JV2-016KV2-016L