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My Weekly Spock – Nimoy the Director

For this weeks fix, here’s Leonard in one of his other favorite professions: Directing! Seen here directing Star Trek III, Star Trek IVThree Men and a Baby and Funny About Love (with Gene Wilder).  The lesson in all this? Always do what you love! 

nimoy_directs_tsfs ST_III_nimoy_nichols_1 ST_III_nimoy_nichols_2 tumblr_lbw8ia30dF1qac0gj tumblr_lci1k3q1tg1qbkiiu tumblr_lcvy3nVa2Z1qac0gj tumblr_n03grlCUQT1qmtfp8o5_1280B212 Leonard-Nimoy-Tom-Selleck-Steve-Guttenberg-Three-Men-and-a-Babypicture-of-leonard-nimoy-in-funny-about-love-1990--large-picturepicture-of-leonard-nimoy-and-gene-wilder-in-funny-about-love-large-picture-william-shatner-839308453

#32 “Friday’s Child”

In the spirit of completely misleading 1960’s movie posters, it seemed logical to present Friday’s Child as a comedy! (This was totally inspired by the ridiculous REAL publicity picture of Kirk and Eleen!)   Two posters in two days, I guess I’m on a roll!  It also mildly references Three Men and a Baby, which as you know was directed by Mr. Nimoy in the 1980’s.

32-Fridays Child