#55 The Omega Glory

By the time Season 2 was ending, the series had delved into the ‘commander gone wrong’ scenario twice before (and better) in The Doomsday Machine and Bread and Circuses.   This episode was not only  repetitive, but Captain Tracy was completely unlovable too, whereas Decker and Merrick evoked more sympathy.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s still a fair episode (Spock’s mind link is notable).  I think I hit the key points here without giving too much away.

55-The Omega Glory

My Weekly Spock: Rare Color Make Up Pics

Turning into Spock isn’t easy!   Here’s some rare color stills of Leonard during and after makeup.  In the regular lighting, you can see how thick the pancake was.  Spock should have dressed in a button down shirt all the time 🙂

The shirt he’s wearing is his own, but very similar to the one he wore in The City on the Edge of Forever.


FArFri — Vina and Captain Pike from MJBivouac

For this week’s Fan Art, and amazing commission by artist MJBivouac!   Vina’s ready to take a bite out of Pike!  Of course, we know that Vina’s actual costume didn’t reveal that much voluptuousness,  (if any) but I suspect that the customer who ordered this is always right!  Note Pike’s blazing blues and the the background detail. Hard to believe that The Cage was filmed 50 years ago!


#54 The Ultimate Computer

The M-5 is Alive! I modified Commodore Wesley’s quote to make it more dramatic.  I love Chekov’s knuckle nibbling as he realized there is nothing he can do to stop Dr. Daystrom’s ultimate computer!

I intentionally chose the deco font on this which is so very typical of late ’60’s early ’70’s styling of ‘futuristic’ lettering.  And of course I had to use those most popular decor colors of the time: Avocado Green, Harvest Gold, and Burnt Orange as accents!54 The Ultimate Computer



My Weekly Spock: On the Trek set with Joan Wilson

Hey All,

For this week I found a great group of personal photos from Joan Winston, who was the author of The Making of Star Trek Conventions, and the co-author of Star Trek Lives!. Joan was a legendary superfan and Trek fandom was a lot happier because of her!  Enjoy these candids of Joan with Leonard, De, Bill, and Jimmy on the Star Trek set during the filming of Turnabout Intruder! (Funny how flat the sets look without the right lighting!)

tumblr_msedx4fkM11qmtfp8o3_1280 copytumblr_msedx4fkM11qmtfp8o1_1280 copytumblr_msedx4fkM11qmtfp8o2_1280 copy