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FArF: Shatvision!

Fan Art Friday is back! Here to give you your Trek art fix every week!

I don’t know who made this, but it screams late 60’s early 70’s  ad copy!  Note the intense mini-Kirks around the edges and that the the goggles are 100% Dylithium Crystal Clear!   Brilliant!

(And if anyone knows who made this, let me know, I want to credit them!)


Happy Fourth Of July!

Happy Fourth of July to all my U.S. Trekkers!   Have a safe, fun, and happy holiday! Therese


FArFri: Star Trek- Kirk Quotes by dosruby

Friday already?  Here’s your weekly dose of good ol’ TOS Fan Art: A beautiful sketch of Captain Kirk (those lashes!) with some of his best known quotes. This was a lovely job by artist dosruby. star_trek_kirk_and_quotes_by_dosruby-d71hkmw

Happy Halloween!

(In case you missed it from last year…) Have a fun day, everyone! Halloween Leftovers

Toon Time: ‘Bosom Buddies’

Off for my surgery today– here’s something to keep you laughing while I’m out!  (My way of making lemonade out of lemons)  Jim and Jan on duty? 

Free Exams

Here’s the original that I ‘modified’. Sorry,  I just couldn’t resist!  😉  With Humble and Heartfelt apologies to Bill and Grace.  (You know I love you!) I wish I had this original magazine!

rand kirk

Jim Kirk’s Gal-A -Day Calendar!

Made this a while back…  In reviewing Kirk’s many loves, I thought it would be fun to update his monthly calendar…

Jim Kirks Gal-A-Day Calendar


FArFri — Starlight by Kumagorochan

Sorry I’m a bit late this week with the Fan Art — Had a busy week with a day trip to NYC on Tuesday!  BTW, according to my WordPress account here- this is my 700th post!

Anyway, here’s a gorgeous Kirk study by Swedish artist Kumagorochan “Starlight”  — Just gorgeous.


The Daily Scrapbook 9/19/13 Kevin Pollack is “Doing Kirk”

Here’s today’s flashback:  More from the special edition of EW in 1994.  Here, actor Kevin Pollack nails his Captain Kirk impersonation-with hilarious perfection! Note the facial expressions. 😀 Chris Pine, take note! Priceless.


Toon Tuesday: 1/29/13 Fix That!

fix that!Jim, those half-up, half-down do’s drove me crazy too!

The Daily Scrapbook: A massage by Captain Kirk and In Search Of… a lot of episodes

Here’s today’s flashback: From 1977, Bill Shatner gives actress Yvette Mimieux   a nice back massage while taking rehearsing for the then Broadway bound show Tricks of the Trade. (lucky!) Here’s another image. Then many, many TV guide listings of Nimoy’s documentary show In Search Of…, which was syndicated nationwide. Nimoy also narrated a documentary series called The Coral Jungle listed here, and  in other TV work, he co-hosted basically a half-hour commercial for NBC called C’mon Saturday which touted the new and returning Saturday Morning Cartoons that would be airing that fall on NBC (The animated Trek aired two seasons from 73-74, so I don’t know why Nimoy was picked for this unless it was in reruns).  From all this TV work, I am presuming that Nimoy did a lot of extra work in NYC while he was in Equus,   I remember actually watching this (as a 16 year old) and feeling mighty embarrassed for Mr. Nimoy, who played a character caller “Mister Wister” who guided around young Andrea McArdle (of Annie fame) to all the wonders of new Saturday Morning line up.  (For all you out there under the age of 40, it was standard practice for the three major networks to air cartoons and kid shows on Saturday mornings; this is where we discovered The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, and H.R. Puffinstuff ) NBC must have paid him well for this, for the most embarrassing part to me was when he had to sing, to the tune of “Row, Row, Row your Boat” in a faux baritone voice “Turn, Turn, Turn your dial, Right to N-B-C!”  Well, he had bills to pay, I’m sure.