My beautiful Mother passed away peacefully this morning (May 30) in her sleep. Although I am heartbroken, I am thankful that she is out of the horrible pain caused by her fall on Monday. Her joy and smile will be with me always, and she helped me to become the best Mom and human being I can be. My Mom has earned a beautiful eternity with Dad, my sister Maggie,  Mom’s sister Eileen, her mother, Mary, and her dear friends Flo and Rita. Thank you all for your love and prayers.Mom liked my blog a lot.   I won’t be posting here for a while.  Love, Tess.

me and Mom on April 30th.

Mom with my son, Matt  this past Monday (hours before the accident)

Mom with my son, Matt this past Monday (hours before the accident)

Family Emergency

Dear Friends,    I probably won’t be posting for  a while, at least this week.  My darling 93-year old Mom (Anna) suffered a bad fall yesterday (Memorial Day) which resulted in 6 broken ribs and a very tiny tear in her heart.  Fortunately the tear was not a big as originally thought, and she is resting comfortably in the ICU.  These next 36 hours are critical to my Mom’s mortality, but we are hopeful that the tear will gently heal itself.  We’re not quite out of the woods yet, but your prayers and thoughts will be greatly appreciated these next few days.  Thank you for understanding, Therese

Me, (right) with Mom, Anna, on April 30, Therese's birthday)  Please keep Mom in your prayers to heal from her bad fall.  Thanks.

Me, (right) with Mom, Anna, on April 30, Therese’s birthday) Please keep Mom in your prayers to heal from her bad fall. Thanks.

Wideo Wednesday 5/22/13 Some Darn Fine Trek Music

I got to listening to some of the Trek soundtracks and these are among my favorites. Soaring, majestic,  sad, introspective, romantic,  nerve-wracking, triumphant. In other words, everything a great score should be! I’m so happy to see that the Abrams reboots have carried on this tradition of excellent music.

Picnic– From The Cage  (I can hear Pike saying “Tango! You old devil!”)

Technically this is Ruth’s Theme from Shore Leave, but to me it’s always Leila saying goodbye in This Side of Paradise

Mr. Spock

Remorse/Marriage Council II

The Ritual/Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah (Da-da DAH DAH
DAH DAH DAH Da-da-da-da…)

A splendid tribute to every episode by Lawrence Whitehurst , with a great orchestration of the Original Theme by Alexander Courage:

“Enterprising Young Men” (2009 Theme) (I love this, it is so exhilarating)

Ilia’s Theme “There’s a star beyond time” (ST:TMP) (Truly sublime)

Closing theme from Star Trek (2009) (and everything old is new again)

The Daily Scrapbook 5/21/13 (Summer 1979) A Paramount Pictures Newsletter

Here’s today’s flashback:  I had forgotten about this — An actual newsletter from Paramount Pictures promoting Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  With an interview with Gene Roddenberry,  color photos and lots of hype, it is especially excited about Persis Khambatta, “the olive-skinned beauty” from India with “a clear shot at big-time stardom”.   Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out for Persis like that; she made a few forgettable films, was passed over for the (very bland) Maude Adams in Octopussy,  and sadly died of a heart attack much too young at 49 in 1996. Hollywood (until recently) often snubs many fine actors associated with Star Trek and Persis was yet another casualty. A  great shame too, she could have been the Angelina Jolie of the ’80’s.


Note Nimoy’s backward picture, probably to balance out the format of the page.