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Happy Leap Day!

Today is February 29th! Only comes every 4 years — so make the most of your extra day! Poor Spock has found his way onto a planet of giant furniture and cats! (I took this action picture of my sister’s cat Chester in January!)

leap day 2016

My Weekly Spock – Tuxedo Junction

Last night was the Oscars, and in awards season, it was always nice to see Leonard in a Tux!  I don’t know who made the Spock mash-up, but it works!      😉  Also including here an video of Leonard talking about being nominated for an Emmy and how Sci-Fi is rarely respected in the awards column.  A shame he never did get an Emmy for Spock, although he was nominated for all three seasons.  I bet if Trek went on, he would have kept on being nominated, but I doubt the Emmy’s would have recognized his brilliance   😦  He’ll always be a winner to me!

11207370_10206566998795896_5311220187219325991_n11150531_10206566994915799_3896684019242917585_n Spock Tux

I Finally Wept – A Year Later. Remembering Leonard


A beautiful portrait of Leonard in the “Vincent” years.

One year ago today, when Leonard Nimoy passed away from end-stage COPD, I sat back and reflected on how this wonderful actor affected the lives and joys of so many people around the world, and how he’d be sorely missed.  I wrote this remembrance, and noted there that although I was saddened, I didn’t actually weep tears over his passing.

Well, it only took nearly a year, but it finally happened.  It didn’t last long, but it felt good to get it out at last.  It started a few weeks ago when I was surfing for more material to use here when I came across many posts about Trek‘s upcoming 50th anniversary.  I could see that Shatner and others were gearing up for the event, and realizing that Leonard isn’t here for the celebration he so richly deserved just hit me in the heart, and to my surprise, the tears flowed.  Damn, I thought this is so unfair!  The one person who to me was Star Trek isn’t here to enjoy the celebration.  It made me wish so hard that he could have made it through to the anniversary, or at least to his next birthday, but it was too late.

In the end, I know that disease knows no date, nor age, nor celebrity.  And a condition as harsh as COPD is so awfully hard to live with, especially in the end.  If Mr. Nimoy had survived his (suspected) heart attack and deteriorating health up to the time of the anniversary, he may not have been up to much of a celebration anyway. (Although I’m sure he would have been very happy with it).

I dried my tears and sighed. But I took comfort in knowing his family was with him, and from this;  Leonard had actually had made it to the 50th anniversary of the first time he played Spock in 1964, and I’m sure he was proud of that achievement.  I had noted that milestone here, and I’m glad I did.  Leonard was well aware of the coming Trek anniversary, and I’m sure he would have loved to be part of it.  But I also know he was happy with the love and support he received from all over the world as he lived, and weren’t we lucky for his existence?

Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy.  We’ll never forget you. ❤


FArF: The Tastiest of Nimoy Sunset Pie

On Tumblr, there has been a wonderfully eccentric blog called “Nimoy Sunset Pie“, which ran from 2010-2013.  In this gallery the artist combined three of their favorite things: Sunsets, Pie, and Leonard Nimoy, and has given us a delightful mixture of  sweet and Spock!   As we approach the sad anniversary of Nimoy’s passing, it seems appropriate to send him off into the most lovable of sunsets.

Who’d have known Spock was so addicted to pie?   Here’s just a ‘taste’ of this brilliant deliciousness — I added my own at the bottom.   Enjoy, and have a sweet weekend.  ❤



My God, it's full of Pies!

My God, it’s full of Pies!


Did Someone Say Pie?


Affinity for Cherry…


The 40 Year-Old Pie Eater


Pie In the Sky


Let’s Get it On!


Nimoy Rise

The Vulcan lime tango

The Vulcan Lime Tango

SunsetSpock Pie

My creation, made last May.


The Final Poster! #79 ‘Turnabout Intruder’

Well, I did it!  After 5 years of creating, I finally finished all 79 posters in my Trek Episode Series!  At first, because it was the final episode,  I was going to add as many of the characters as I could for the sake of posterity.  But then, as much as I love the whole Enterprise crew, the real story here is between Kirk and Lester, and it just fell into place. Notice how the title mimics the female form!  It seemed fitting that the final episode’s tag line dovetail with the first episode we saw Kirk in: Where No Man Has Gone Before.   And one can only wonder, if the original series wasn’t canceled, how we would have seen Uhura, Chapel, and many other female character evolve in the writing during the budding Feminist movement.  I’m sure fan fiction and countless novels picked up the torch here, but there will always be room for more!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of  movie-style-inspired posters of the Original Series episodes.  I really delighted in creating them, even when it was an episode I didn’t like,  and it was fun to give them the thrilling mystery of the weekly serials.  What a ride!

If you’ve missed any, please be sure to see all of my Star Trek Movie Poster Gallery here.  What a pleasure it’s been to make this little dream of mine come true!  The only thing that would make me happier is your feedback! Please let me know what your favorites were and why, I’d love to hear from you!

It’s a little sad to come to the end of this series, but now I’ll just have to figure out something else to do with all those wonderful stills from Trek Core!  Thanks Everyone! ❤ 😀

79 Turnabout Intruder




My Weekly Spock: Toronto Turtleneck Mystery…

I came across these wonderful (and remarkably hot) photos of Leonard when he did a radio interview with Betty Kennedy for Toronto radio on April 7, 1969.  He’s quickly grown out the Spock hair and sideburns, and is all ready to be Paris on Mission: Impossible.  I also came across a similar close-up of him in a room with damask wallpaper, but I’m not sure if it’s the same day (hair is very similar) and he changed his turtleneck, or it this was just a different day. I’m guessing the latter~ But no matter, it’s Leonard Prime!

Bettyjpg12028885_522280981283068_6357191930682152901_oModinterview with betty


Lovely Ladies of Trek: Cross-Stitch Edition…

Okay, I’ m having WAY too much fun with this Facebook game (Cross-Stitch World)!   Here’s my exclusive takes on Deela, Droxine, Nona, two Alices, and of course, Yeoman Landon (Hi Celeste!)    Okay, not going to do anymore of these until next month!  Whaddya think?  Who would you like to see next?

Alices Yeoman Martha Landon Nona Droxine Deela