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Caturday with Spock #9

Even Spock can’t get away with sleeping late with a cat!

Caturday with Spock #9

A day late, but just glad I wasn’t locked out of my site permanently! Maybe there was something in the works… 😉

Caturday with Spock #8

Well, if Jim is having emotional support dogs, I say for Spock, turnabout is fair play! 😉

Caturday with Spock # 7

(Please open link to see caption 🙂 )

Caturday with Spock #6

Not quite the sleepover Nurse Chapel was expecting!

Caturday with Spock # 5

Sometimes they just don’t get along…

Caturday with Spock #4

Here’s your weekly dose of happiness – What’s new with Spock and his Kitties? Well…


Caturday with Spock #3

Caturday with Spock #2

Twice as profound with a friend!

It’s “Caturday” with Spock! #1

Hey All,

Spock and Cats seem to go together so well, so today I present a new series; Caturday with Spock. Every Saturday we’ll go into the secret world of Mister Spock and his cats…who knows what silliness lurks in the heart of our favorite Vulcan? Enjoy this series until I can’t think of any more! Happy Caturday, love Therese 🙂