FArFri – A Gallery of Nimoy/Spocks from Tafafa!

Hey Kids!

As you seen in previous FArFri , I’ve posted the work of artist Tafafa and her gorgeous renderings of Leonard Nimoy as himself and other characters.  Tafafa has admitted on her DeviantArt page that she’s totally fascinated with  Nimoy’s features, and aren’t we lucky that she captures him so beautifully?  As a Birthday Week Special, I’m posting a bunch of her Nimoy studies– from kid to Senior — Prepare to be blown away.  Enjoy!


Young Leonard seems to be channeling Alfred E. Neuman here!



Ah, Youth!


They Dynamic Duo — You’ve got to check out all her stuff!


This is remarkable not just for its intimacy, but for the way it portrays the pain of Pon Farr.


I love this one – it really captures his personality.


Young and Old!


Just too adorable!


With the wisdom of his years — his eyes look a little teary here. Stunning.


5 responses to “FArFri – A Gallery of Nimoy/Spocks from Tafafa!

  1. The Sound of One Man Laughing

    These are really nice. I’m getting hot myself! 🙂


  2. Wow. Those are astonishingly well done! Major kudos to Tafafa.


  3. Wonderful wonderful artwork. I especially liked the one after the Ponn Farr one, she completely got him. Long may she continue to be fascinated by him – our win:-)


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