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  2. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled across your site and I think I will be a frequent visitor. Like you, I became enamored of TOS in my tween years. And, like you, my tween self developed an undying crush on both Mr. Spock and Leonard Nimoy. Spock is indeed, dreamy! My passion for Star Trek was such that I remember being very upset at the age of 13 when a new series was announced. How DARE anyone even THINK about comparing some new creation to the genius that is Star Trek! Of course, being a creature of logic, I knew that I couldn’t just decide to hate it; I would need to have an informed dislike. And so… I attended my first convention directly following season one of that new series :p (I shall never forget the timing, particularly because Jonathan Frakes appeared at the con with his beard – and everyone asked about it!)

    Anyway, thank you for all these glimpses behind the scenes and into the past – and especially for all the pics of a dashing young Leonard Nimoy (many of which may end up as my new desktop wallpapers).

    Keep it up!

  3. Hi, the date of death for Richard Hatch is 2/7/17, not 1/27/17. Just thought you’d want to know. Thanks for the great site.

  4. I would appreciate your crediting my photo in your last post regarding Leonard’s hat. This was all lifted from Louise’s Facebook post and the responses other fans and I made to it with our photos and comments. Thank-you…

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