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A Bit Late but no less Sincere- Shatner 90th Birthday Collage!

Hi Everyone! I know I promised this last week, but life happens (I had a nasty fall last week, but I’m fine now) and I finally finished this today. (Working on a belated Nimoy 90th tribute too)

Happy Belated 90th Birthday to Bill Shatner – what a life! I think I’ve captured a moment from all nine decades you’ve been around. If you look closely, you’ll see pictures with a few couplings of Bill with actors he worked with more than once, dappled with some memorable Kirk moments as well as LOTS of humor. I especially like all the “Bills” having a group ‘hug’ at the bottom. Even Spock is having a laugh! So be sure to zoom in to see all the details!

I hope we can all be as sharp and active as The Shat Man is when we hit 90! Best wishes Always, Therese.

My Weekly Spock – Time with Mom and Dad

As it was Mother’s Day here in America yesterday, I thought it would be nice to  see Leonard and his Mom and Dad ❤

mom + dad peace + mom mom + dad

Happy Mother’s Day!

Taking a moment to cherish and enjoy the love and happiness of all our Moms, now living and forever in our hearts. Thank you Mom, I love you forever ❤  (Also very thankful that I’m a Mom of two beautiful sons 🙂 )

Mom at Phelps 03 copy

Therese’s Beautiful Mom, Anna, 1920-2013

IMG_3623 copy

Therese’s Beautiful Mother-In-Law, Mary. 1921-2015

IMG_3796 copy2 crop

Therese with husband Greg, and sons Steve & Matt. So thankful and blessed. (2015)

My Weekly Spock: Chess; On Screen and Off

(Sorry I’m so late today — had a busy day between work and  errands!)

Well, after all these years, I haven’t figured out how 3-D chess works, but it’s nice to know that Mr. Nimoy enjoyed an occasional game of chess like I do!

When’s the last time anyone here has played chess?  I love playing it with my sons — dig out the board sometime and see if you still got your winning moves!

11351475_893087457424468_6560830854309165788_n phpOsqSnw tumblr_mj99msYfNX1r9wx7so1_500

My Weekly Spock: Like Great Grandfather, Like Great Grandson


Leonard with great grandson Charlie Pearson in 2011. (Aww!)


I loved this photo of Mr. Nimoy (in 2011) with his  great grandson Charlie Pearson that was featured People.com when Nimoy died.  But what struck me the most was how much this little guy resembles his Great ‘Poppi’ as a child! (the eyes, the ears, the smile!) Charlie is Adam’s grandson and truly that apple didn’t fall  far from the tree! Sweet little fellow!


Leonard as a toddler (a 1933)


Leonard as a school boy (@ 1938?)

Hi Everybody!

Hi All! Hope all my followers in the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday!  For all the rest of the world, I hope you take a little moment every day to count all our blessings. So many little things to be thankful for; love of family and friends, a hot meal, and just a few minutes to b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

And now that the Christmas Shopping has officially begun, just remember that the greatest gift you can give is your time and friendship.  The best things in life are truly free! ❤

Here, have some Turkey!




Remembering My Dad on his 95th Birthday

Hey Kids,

Just a quick little memory today of my Dad, Bill, who would have been 95 today :-).    Dad passed in 1974 at the age of only 56, he was a loving and hard working Dad to all 8 of us and he adored my Mom, Anna. This occasion is both happy and sad, happy because we love and remember him fondly, sad, of course because my parents are no longer here. But this year, my Mom happily joined him in Heaven for this special occasion, and I know they are together at last.

(btw, Dad liked watching Star Trek with us and thought Lt. Uhura was adorable!)

Anna+Bill Wedding 1943 tinted copy - Copy

Mom and Dad on their wedding day in 1943

01-me-dad-and mom

Me with my Dad and Mom in 1964

Family Emergency

Dear Friends,    I probably won’t be posting for  a while, at least this week.  My darling 93-year old Mom (Anna) suffered a bad fall yesterday (Memorial Day) which resulted in 6 broken ribs and a very tiny tear in her heart.  Fortunately the tear was not a big as originally thought, and she is resting comfortably in the ICU.  These next 36 hours are critical to my Mom’s mortality, but we are hopeful that the tear will gently heal itself.  We’re not quite out of the woods yet, but your prayers and thoughts will be greatly appreciated these next few days.  Thank you for understanding, Therese

Me, (right) with Mom, Anna, on April 30, Therese's birthday)  Please keep Mom in your prayers to heal from her bad fall.  Thanks.

Me, (right) with Mom, Anna, on April 30, Therese’s birthday) Please keep Mom in your prayers to heal from her bad fall. Thanks.

The Daily Scrapbook 10/3/12

Here’s today’s flashback:  Family pictures!

This was the first time I saw a picture of Mr. Nimoy and his family – son Adam, daughter Julie, and (later ex-) wife Sandy. This was definitely Nimoy’s ascot era. I treasured the picture so much I ‘laminated’ it with that new ‘invisible’ tape, (not realizing that it would make the paper yellow even faster!) and the lines fall practically across Nimoy’s eyes.  Sorry about that. Then a TV Guide blurb about one of Nimoy’s 1st post-Mission Impossible stints, an anthology of love stories by famous authors Somerset Maugham, Daphne Du Marier, and Kurt Vonnegut. Nimoy played opposite Juliet Mills (from Nanny and the Professor) in “Kiss Me Again Stranger” which I referred to here.

Another photo of Leonard and Sandy at at art exhibit in 1974,  note how he whipped off  his glasses for this one.   And then a photo of Mr. Shatner with his new (second) bride, the lovely Marcy Lafferty.  I remember really digging her earrings and wondering why a young woman of 27 would marry an old man of 43?  I wonder if Ms. Lafferty  would have reconsidered if she knew she’d  be only the second of his four wives?