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FArFri: Crossover Trek by Mike Ling

I love crossover fan art!  A several years ago I created a SpongeTrek crossover and this week I found some hilarious crossover art by artist Mike Ling (zenzmurfy) on DeviantArt.  The combination of pop culture elements here are nothing short of brilliant!   Be sure you’re not drinking anything while looking at these — you may do a spit-take!


Peanuts Trek


What if Scotty Met Q?


TrekWars – Sulu


Trek Wars Mechanical Tech Differencec Pt. 2


Munch! (Dune)


Desi-Lucy Trek!


Popeye Trek The Next Generation!

Toon Tuesday: Oklahoma!


Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Bet you didn’t know that once Captain Pike and Vina were living in paradise for a few years they started a virtual theater group to stave off boredom! (Broadcasting directly from Talos IV!)*

I loved making this.  It started when I came across this image of Vina talking and she looked like she was singing.  Her pink gingham shirt reminded me of the purple gingham dress Laurie wears in Oklahoma!  I was gladly able to change the pink to lavender using the hue/saturation key on Photoshop.   Immediately I had to find a good ‘singing’ picture of Pike in the same scene, and fortunately there it was with Pike staring off in the distance. 🙂  I borrowed Gordon Macrae’s cowboy hat and scarf from this image, and it all gelled together perfectly!

*If you’ve never seen Oklahoma!, you can read all about it here, and read this very funny review here.

FArFri: “Unsure” A Young, Pensive Spock from The Cage, by artist karracaz

I love this cool, youthful image of Spock from “The Cage” by artist karracaz  Just think, he played Spock for the first time 50 years ago!   Aren’t we lucky?


FArFri — Vina and Captain Pike from MJBivouac

For this week’s Fan Art, and amazing commission by artist MJBivouac!   Vina’s ready to take a bite out of Pike!  Of course, we know that Vina’s actual costume didn’t reveal that much voluptuousness,  (if any) but I suspect that the customer who ordered this is always right!  Note Pike’s blazing blues and the the background detail. Hard to believe that The Cage was filmed 50 years ago!


Separated at Birth -Star Trek Lookalikes Part II !

I found some more! Part I is here.

separated at birth pt II

FArFri – “Main Crew – The Cage, by Gary Anderson.

Here’s this weeks Fan Art:  Let’s go way way back! Here a splendid representation ofmain_crew____the_cage_by_nightwing1975-d3b06wd the original crew of the Enterprise by artist Gary Anderson.   Can you imagine how different the series would have been if this pilot sold? Note the original font for “STAR TREK” too!

Wideo Wednesday 5/22/13 Some Darn Fine Trek Music

I got to listening to some of the Trek soundtracks and these are among my favorites. Soaring, majestic,  sad, introspective, romantic,  nerve-wracking, triumphant. In other words, everything a great score should be! I’m so happy to see that the Abrams reboots have carried on this tradition of excellent music.

Picnic– From The Cage  (I can hear Pike saying “Tango! You old devil!”)

Technically this is Ruth’s Theme from Shore Leave, but to me it’s always Leila saying goodbye in This Side of Paradise

Mr. Spock

Remorse/Marriage Council II

The Ritual/Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah (Da-da DAH DAH
DAH DAH DAH Da-da-da-da…)

A splendid tribute to every episode by Lawrence Whitehurst , with a great orchestration of the Original Theme by Alexander Courage:

“Enterprising Young Men” (2009 Theme) (I love this, it is so exhilarating)

Ilia’s Theme “There’s a star beyond time” (ST:TMP) (Truly sublime)

Closing theme from Star Trek (2009) (and everything old is new again)