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Poster #26 — The Devil In the Dark

Another poster for Season 1! This time I stated it from the Horta’s point of view, and note how I made Spock’s eyes glow creepily as one’s might in the dark.  Since we are the scarier of the species, it seemed appropriate.

My recent article from BoK — Live Long and Krishna-Paul Kinsey’s Trek

My latest article for Basket of Kisses — about a character that I suspected a while back would be a Trekkie. Enjoy, and note, I included my poster from here  of The Conscience of the King, and a funny mash up collage of Paul Kinsey in Spock Gear!

Johnny and Lenny-A Meeting of Minds (collage)

Hey Kids,

Been looking over Beatle pics lately and came across the iconic portrait of John Lennon in a doorway in Hamburg,Germany around 1960, taken by his pal Juergen Vollmer.  This photo was later used on Lennon’s 70s compilation, Rock n’ Roll Music. (1975) It reminded me of another picture of Nimoy as a greaser in the 1960 TV episode of Lock Up  (The Case of Frank Crotty) –well…it seemed a natural fit, considering that these are two of my favorite people of all time.  I bet they would have had a hell of a conversation! Call it an ultimate Beatle/Trek fantasy. Enjoy, Therese

Here’s the original stills:

My Weekly Spock 6/25/2012

These old Trek promos are so funny, especially when they had nothing to do with the plot!

I Got Me A Tumbr Account

If anyone’s interested, I started a tumblr account the other week.  It’s a great place to display pictures of all sorts of things that one likes. My page is called ‘Tess’s Tresses”.   You’ll see all my StarTreKomics there for one thing, and lots of other stuff like Beatles and pretty flowers.   Nothing creepy, just a happy place.  Enjoy, and here’s the picture I modified for my home page.  (colorized Gibson Girls).  Be sure to press the archive button to see a map of everything I’ve posted!

The original and my modification

My Weekly Spock 6/18/12

Some pre-Spock roles:

His first starring role in a movie — Kid Monk Baroni (1952). This is his first close-up after his ‘deformed’ face undergoes plastic surgery.

From The Balcony” (1964) This one got mixed reviews, but still looks interesting,

From ‘Deathwatch’ (1966) with actor Michael Forest (who would later play Apollo in ‘Who Mourns for Adonis?”)

Poster # 25 — This Side of Paradise

I haven’t had time to make one of these since March, but I hope to finish Season One by the end of summer!  One of my favorite episodes of all time.  Jill Ireland was so lovely, and the goodbye scene between Spock and Leila was so heartbreaking, yet tender.  Ireland is  missed, Kudos to Nimoy for keeping it real.

My Weekly Spock (belated)

Fun to see them in makeup but out of costume. I think Nimoy is cleaning his contact lens here.  Nice watch!

Happy Birthday Trekker Scrapbook!

Guess what kids?  Today, June 10th, is the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Trekker Scrapbook!   May our members increase and may I never stop creating! Here’s to the new year!




I’m off to NYC today, will be back tomorrow night!  Weekly Spock will be up Tuesday! Ciao!

Hi All!

Hey kids,   We’re coming down the wire for the end of school, it is only 6 days away! That’s early for my area, but the kids had no snow days this year, only two ‘flood’ days at the beginning after the remnants of Hurricane Lee swept through.   It’s a busy time, and I’m off again to NYC this Sunday for a Mad Men Finale Party so I haven’t had much time for posting.  However, I just started a tumblr blog last week and please be sure to check it out! It has a lot of my favorite things on it, and I’ve named it Tess’s Tresses.  I’m also working for my old movie reviews for Basket of Kisses, and I hope you’ll check these out too! I’m also finishing the  latest in my Star Trek Movie Poster series that you’ll be seeing next week, and Weekly Spock on Monday,  so stay tuned! I haven’t forgotten you!