HAPPY 83rd BIRTHDAY, LEONARD NIMOY! (A Special TreKomic just for you!)

Well, Kids, it took a little longer than expected, but I’m still 20 minutes inside March 26th!

Happy 83rd Birthday Leonard!!!!

Your life so far has been amazing, and we fans are so thankful for the joy, excitement, and inspiration you have blessed us with all these years! Hope this Birthday was the best ever for you yet, and that you may continue to Live Long and Prosper!  We Love you’  “Grandpa”!   Peace and Long Life to You! Love, Therese and all of my readers here at Trekker Scrapbook!

By the way,  I think McCoy is gonna pay for this:   Enjoy! Lights Out

7 thoughts on “HAPPY 83rd BIRTHDAY, LEONARD NIMOY! (A Special TreKomic just for you!)

  1. That is so clever!! The pix you’ve chosen, the expression on his face, the poses of all the crew, looking EXACTLY as if they’re looking at him, and the pizza just cracked me up! So much work. This must be one of my favourite of your posters:-)

    • Thanks J! I really didn’t know if this would come out okay, but I’m happy with it! It took longer to make because the original was too big! It took me several hours to shrink down everything (right down to the tiny candles). There’s about 70 individual parts to this collage. I tweeted it to Leonard, but I don’t know if he’ll ever see it. Last year I posted my greeting on his Facebook page (his real one) and it said for a day or two there that Leonard “Liked” it! Hope he see’s this one, although I know he’s a busy guy, bless him!
      BTW, Pizza? –Actually, that’s a cake! Here’s a pic of the original that I found online: http://cakeendeavours.blogspot.com/2010_12_01_archive.html
      It does look like a box of pizza from its sharp corners though! Thanks for your support and feel free to share!

  2. I realised it wasn’t pizza, but what I’d thought was pizza is I think a plate of nibbles and dips and stuff. Not pizza. He isn’t five years old! I hope he did see your tweet

    • Ah! Yeah that is pizza-ish! I figured vegetarian was the way to go for party snacks! (although I bet Kirk would love some chicken wings!) 🙂

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