6 thoughts on “Today’s Toon “Flipside”

    • Yeah- what was Theiss thinking? This was only a (pardon the pun) ‘brief’ moment when Uhura got up from her post, but I bet that skirt rode up all the time.
      Surely not a practical uniform! I liked the women’s uniform in the two pilots better.

      • Grace Lee Whitney claims that she was the one who convinced Roddenberry and Theiss to make the skirts for the women’s uniforms super short. She said something like, “You’ve hired a former dancer, and you’re not showing off my dancer’s legs!” I think it was in “These Are the Voyages” by Marc Cushman that Whitney was quoted as saying SHE was responsible for those skirts. Winston has read the book more recently than I have — was that the one where she said this, Winston?

        Of course, I doubt Roddenberry objected…

  1. Corylea – yes, you’re right, it was GLW who said that. She also claims Nichelle hooked up her skirt hem, so as not to be outdone by Grace. Do I believe that? Hmmmm…

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