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My Daily Spock 3/30/12

Two for one! What’s amazing here is that they didn’t tear each other up!  Did you know that Nimoy had his own Pet Shop in 1970?!  It’s true! I’ll post about it soon.

My Daily Spock 3/29/12

Puppy Love!

My Daily Spock 3/28/12

Nice Horsey! Great Photo!



I’m Back!

Hi Kids!

I’m back from NYC and just had a marvelous time! I’m too pooped to post now, but I’ll be posting soon!  -T

My Daily Spock 3/27/12

Mr. Nimoy loves pets, so it’s Pet Week! And any man who poses with sweet kittens is okay in my book!

As you’re reading this, I’m in NYC, be back tonight!

My Daily Spock Special Edition! 3/26/2012 Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy!


I twittered a copy of this to Mister Nimoy– I wonder if he ever saw it?  I hope so!

Note how 36 year old Leonard  has miraculously time traveled from the ’60’s to give 81 year old Leonard a special Hobbit Hole cake! 😉  Dig those swinging beads, baby!

What a life!

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor…

A new TreKomic!

My Daily Spock 3/23/12

Can’t let western week go by withougt a little Catlow.  As the revengeful ‘Miller’, he totally rocked this role.   Wish he had more scenes in this.

Happy 81st Birthday William Shatner!

Love this Man.  Happy Birthday Bill! You inspire, You delight. You’re the Captain of Our Hearts.   Bless you on your Birthday, and many many more! love, Trekkerscrapbook xo

My Daily Spock 3/22/12

Howdy Pardner! As the ironically named ‘Shorty’ in The Outlaws, 1960