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Today’s Toon: The Enterprise in “Hair Today” Part II

Well, it took me a few months, and to be honest, I didn’t think a certain candidate would be in the race this long…   It took a long time to add all the minute details here, but it was worth it! Here’s the exciting conclusion to Part I that you can see here.  Enjoy!Hair Today Part II


Throwback Thursday – Hair You Go!

Hey Kids,

Sorry I haven’t posted recently, I’m a bit under the weather, but should be better soon.  Recently I came across a dealer (bulltznbracelets) on eBay who sells 8×10″s from the golden aged of TV and Movies.  They have a lot of Star Trek promotional and production stills too! These are all wig test shots from Journey to Babel.  Great to see the work and detail that went into these looks that you’d only see for a moment in the actual episode, it’s a veritable cat’s eye and wiglet fest!   If you peek in the background of these images, you can see these styles in actionhair test

Hair Test 8hair test 014hair test 015 Hair test 4Hair Test 010Hair Test 012 Hair Test 9 Hair Test 6 hair test 013

Today’s Toon: The Enterprise in “Hair Today…”

I just couldn’t resist!  Part II is in its 1st draft…

Hair Today Part I

Wideo Wednesday Leonard Nimoy “LaLa”

Some pure Nimoy Awesomeness in this video by  Laurie Shae !


— I’ll be recovering from my surgery when this posts– I  think watching this will definitely help my recuperation!   🙂

My Weekly Spock –“Sea Hunt” in his Birthday Suit (sort of)

Hey Kids,

Since this is Leonard Nimoy Birthday Week, I couldn’t think of a better way to start off than having Mr. Nimoy in his birthday suit…well, half of it!

Nimoy did eight episodes of the Lloyd Bridges series Sea Hunt.  Here’s screencaps from one of his most au natural appearances The Shipwreck (1958) Nimoy plays Vince, a newlywed trapped with his whiny wife, an old man, and Mike Nelson (Bridges) in a life raft without paddles for nearly a week at sea.  It gets pretty desperate, and Vince is a bit of a dope, but he has incredibly great hair blowing in the sea breeze, and lots of hairy chest goodness..


The rescue gets off to a good start as Vincent tears out of his wet shirt


Well, he won that wet tee contest…


He has…


amazingly floppy


HAIR, here.


Eek, ribcage!


Did I mention the hair?




“Look, there’s land!”


“Ah, we couldn’t reach it!”


You’ll just have to endure my chest hair…








I’m Hungry!


I’m too sexy for my shirt…


Too sexy for my shirt…


So sexy it hurts…


Did I mention the hair…


My wife’s mad at me for losing the fishing rod… and won’t let me touch her…


But Mike can’t resist me anymore!


I keep them happy with my Dracula impression…


I still have the best hair here…


Could I PLEASE have some Chapstick?


She forgave me when she remembered she couldn’t live without my chest hair…


My Weekly Spock: Gimme a Head with Hair…

Mr. Nimoy sure has certainly been blessed with excellent follicles all his life– (Is that the sound of Shatner envy?  ;-)) Who could forget the Spock’s silky black hair or Paris’ luscious waves? Here’s some of Mr. Nimoy’s greatest hair hits: