StarTreKomics — A Gallery of Trek Fun!

Welcome to my warped world of Star Trek, where Spock ignores Pon Farr, Kirk isn’t the sharpest nail in the box, and the whole crew likes to party!   I was inspired to create these from two books of my youth.  One was Who’s in Charge Here, by Gerald Gardner, and Trek Or Treat, by Terry Flanagan and Eleanor Ehrhardt.  Both of these were wonderful satire that featured famous photos from politics and Star Trek with snide and incongruous captions!  With all the scenery chewing in the Original Series, this seemed a natural fit! Just scroll down to see the Komics.  I also love to create collages, as you will see, and the sillier, the better.  Newer Komics will appear at the bottom of this gallery.  To see the Komics in full size, just click on  the picture. Enjoy! -Therese

NOTE: Some of these comics are ‘suggestive’ but never vulgar. Nonetheless, PLEASE USE PARENTAL DISCRETION before showing these to your youngsters (assuming they’d be interested in the first place) Thanks!

17 responses to “StarTreKomics — A Gallery of Trek Fun!

  1. Dear Therese,
    Good work!
    However, your BEST work is missing: the drawing of the casts of all 5 of the StarTrek franchise from FaceBook. (I recognized MOST of the figures…)
    Keep on keeping on!
    ~ D.


  2. Hi Dulci, I have not made a composite of the 5 casts on Facebook, that must have been another artist, but I’ll look it up, it may inspire me. Thanks-T.


  3. These are really great! I luv them all!


  4. Thanks Ashley, enjoy!


  5. I almost died laughing at all of these


  6. thx lol idk how you come up with these???? they’re the best!!!!!


  7. Just out of my head and 38 years of Trek fandom! Sometimes a picture just hits you funny and the imagination soars. If you like it, please share this site with your friends, I like sharing the laughs!


  8. kk. lol


  9. A lot of these are my screen savers!! lol thx for the sceen savers XD


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